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X-Pro Elan+2

X-Pro Elan+2 by Vespamore !
I took this in Wiltshire, March 2012 on expired Fuji Tungsten film, cross processed, shot with my Olympus OM-2N

More of my classic car shots here


battaglia!!! by capobanco
Excellent foto by Capobanco !!

Aldo Tebaldini con scudo ammaccato

Aldo Tebaldini con scudo ammaccato by ilvespino52
Tebaldini ends his 1951 1000 km Audax in Brescia on a crashed Vespa

Foto posted by Enzo on Flickr. See Enzo's Flickr photostream here for more historic vespa shots like this

Colombini in Sicilia

Colombini in Sicilia by ilvespino52
Walter Colombini, "The Giant", getting off the ferryboat in Siciliy during a "Tre Mari" Rally

Foto posted by Enzo on Flickr. See Enzo's Flickr photostream here for more historic vespa shots like this


Jaipur by
Colourful, nicely composed shot by Alastair Humphreys, taken in Jaipur, India.

'Adventurer' Alastair spent four years cycling around the globe & then spent two years writing about it. Having run the Marathon des Sables, London based Alastair is now working towards walking to the South Pole & back!

See Alastair's website here

Jack Nicholson - unpublished photos (1969)

Love these shots of Jack Nicholson; I was up late the other night watching him play Randal MacMurphy in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', just an excellent film....

Re-blogged these from 8Negro blog where there are a couple more shots to see.


Great shot by Domenico Mimmo taken from inside a Piaggio Ape 3-wheeler, looking out of the cab's rear window - looks just like a still from a 1920's silent movie. judging by other shots in the set here, this was Domenico's intention.


Philippe Dagand

Vespa_61 by phil_dag
LOvely shot by Philippe Dagand who is the best guy I know of at taking panning shots, which are very difficult - Phil definitely has his technique down!

More of Philippe's great vespa shots can be seen on his Flickr photostream here

Fiesta Sixties en La Pacheca

20120421-Fiesta Sixties en La Pacheca-0058.jpg by Manuel Gual
Nicely composed shot by Manuel Gual taken in La Pacheca, just north of Valencia on Spanish eastern coast.

Vacanze romane??!

Vacanze romane??! by @ndrea B.
Cool shot by Andrea Beltrami

My Vespa

My Vespa by massimo.paladin
Like this close-up of Massimo Paladin's Vespa VB1T

Vespa Tour in Rome - Dearoma Tour

Job lot

Images of a recent scooter sale/clearout in Sweden which included a Lambretta Li 150 series III, Vespa GS 150 VS5, and  NV 70 (DKW Hobby roller).

Re-blogged from Scuderia Vespa Svedese

GS Pacemakers

click foto to view large

Re-blogged from Retro Scooter Garage

Drop me off a mile from rally campsite...

click foto to view large

Re-blogged from Scooterlounge blog


... by icomewhenieatcaponata
Love this cross processed shot taken by fellow blogger Peppo in Agrigento, Sicilia with a Lomo film camera.

Peppo's blog -


Vespa VL3T 1956

Vespa VL3T 1956 by garagerocker

Excellent shot by garagerocker see more of his vespa shots here

Vespa classica

Nice iphone shot taken in Città di Castello, Umbria of a Vespa 98 (I believe) by Alberto Piccini

Vespa papapapa

Vespa papapapa by bryenh

LOve this shot taken by Giulia at the 6° Raduno Nazionale Città di Roma - Vespaclub Tempo di Moto Casalotti, 4 - 5 settembre 2010. The tones, composition remind me of Piaggio's late '60s/early '70s ads...

Watch Giulia's video of rally here

Giulia's website

heather renaud

heather renaud by juju~in~austin

Cool shot taken by juju in Austin, Texas

Jakarta by Vespa

Untitled by relan's terraces

Like the feel/mood of this shot taken by Relan Masato in Jakarta, Indonesia

Doreen @ Abbey Road

click foto to view large

Great shot taken by Greg Butler of London based New Originals scooter club.

Full set of shots Greg took of his scoot 'Doreen' in Abbey Road can be seen here


Milano Primi Passi - 1947

A Vespa entered the Milano Primi Passi event when Carlo Masciocchi took part in the 1947 race, although he was not officially supported by Piaggio.

Racing across the valleys above the city of Bergamo would have represented quite a challenge for a small Vespa engine, however his effort was rewarded when Masciocchi finished second.

Image re-blogged from

Motovespa 150S by Burning Road Store

It's nice to get feedback on the blog & I'm grateful to Toni Núñez from Burning Road Store in Zaragoza, North East Spain who got in touch as a fan of the vespamore blog & to forward me these excellent pics of this lovely Motovespa 150S, restored by BRS & on display in their garage - gracias Toni ; )

You can view the full set of images of this 1963 Vespa 150S taken by Toni & BRS here on the Burning Road Store blog including some pre-restoration shots too.

Check out the Burning Road Store website which includes an online store for motorcycle clothing at

As mentioned before, I'm always keen to receive well taken images like Toni's & will happily display them on the blog. Drop me an email at if you have some cool shots like these; with over 500 daily visitors to the blog you might get some decent exposure for your work too...

Spring Scoot XVIII

SpringScoot.2012.003 by Film&PhotoArchivist

Nice shot taken by Film&PhotoArchivist at the eighteenth edition of Spring Scoot which was staged in Portland, Oregon, USA - more shots here

Iberovespa 2012

Iberovespa 2012 by hugojcardoso

Organised by Vespa Clube de Lisboa


Click image to view large

Great illustration forwarded to me by fellow blogger Thierry Vincent. Not absolutely sure but believe this is the work of Ted Naifeh featuring a Luna/Vega/Cometa Lambretta designed by Bertone.


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