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SIP Vespa Road Trip Sardinia 2012

Bangkok, Sathorn

Untitled by seua_yai
What a great shot from Seua Yai in Thailand - excellent viewpoint & composition....

London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

Film source:

Wow!! I don't know what others thought of film director Danny Boyle's visionary opening ceremony but I was pretty much blown away; mainly by the vision & ambition he displayed in taking on such diverse historic themes as Brunel & the industrial revolution, Suffragettes, the arrival of West Indian immigrants etc.... What a job to bring together all those elements in one show. I thought he did it amazingly well though; the lighting of the olympic cauldron being spectacular & unlike anything seen before it....

There were parts I liked less so, such as the NHS section but appreciated the sentiment behind it & the relevance & importance it has to this country. Mr Bean 'does my head in' I'm afraid but inexplicably is a very successful British comedy export! However being a Bond fan I did like the film sequence at Buckingham Palace which I thought was great & loved the very beginning film journey along the river Thames. Not being one of his fans; I even have to admit to enjoying watching 'Becks' steaming up the Thames in his speedboat, with the Olympic flame!

Musically, thought Dizzee & the Arctic Monkeys did a grand job & nice to see nods to Bowie, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Queen etc but much as I love The Beatles' music, Paul McCartney's voice is a long way past it's best. Although, it was a nice touch him & his band playing 'The End' from the excellent Abbey Road (my fave Beatles album) & in fairness he was the best choice to close the proceedings....

The central involvement of so many volunteers, children, nurses etc & emphasis on youth was great I thought. A lot of our country's history sits uneasily with me; our rampant Empire building, colonization, slavery & involvement in countries like Palestine & Ireland. Last night though, I did feel a sense of pride in being British watching Danny Boyle's ceremony - great job Mr Boyle & all involved!
Untitled by BBRONYX

Flyer by BBRONYX

More excellent examples by the very talented BBRONYX below

Vespinga Fatima

Vespinga Fatima by BBRONYX
Scooter flyer by BBRONYX

Vespa club du Mans

Vespa club du Mans by BBRONYX
Scooter flyer by BBRONYX


Vespa Olympics

official Vespa-riders Rome Olympics 1960 by Gerardone
Topical shot with the London Olympics opening ceremony taking place tonight at 9pm. I'd love to watch some classic vespas appear in Danny Boyle's showpiece (Martin - see comments below tells me there will be some classic vespas making an appearance so keep an eye out for them)

Both shots from the 1960 Rome Olympics where Piaggio supplied vespas for athletes to get around the Olympic village

Vacanze romane #3

Vacanze romane #3 by Antonella Valerio
Nice fashion shot on board a Vespa faro basso taken by Antonella Valerio in Puglia - full set here

Antonella's website here

Scooter club Rochelais

Scooter club Rochelais by Kr@wa

Nice take by Kr@wa - more shots of Scooter club Rochelais here


Qualche bella chiappona

Qualche bella chiappona by Federico Savogin
Cool shot of my Italian amico Federico, astride his very nice 150 Sprint, taken in Busto Arsizio, just north of Milano. I got to have a ride on the back of this during World Vespa Days, London 2012 ....

Vespa Beijing

I've always wondered if there is any kind of classic scooter scene in China; the vespamore photography blog has a strong following in the Far East; particularly Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam & to a lesser extent, Japan but very little interest, if any from China.

I guess Italian Vespas & Lambrettas didn't really make it over to China in large numbers; I imagine the powers that be pushed national brands rather than import foreign scooter manufacturers..?

From this cool short film uploaded by minimooger  it would seem a few classic Italian scoots have found their way over to China - if any Chinese classic scooter owners/fans or anyone else with knowledge of the Chinese scene can enlighten me with more info I'd appreciate it - email me at

This short film displays a link at the end to the Vespa Beijing blog/website from what I can tell as it's in Chinese


Qskulls n Qmini


wasp by BiERLOS
Nice shot taken by BiERLOS aka Roland Brunner at arbon classics

Check out Roland's photography website


motel by BiERLOS
pontin's camber sands u.k. - rockabilly rave 2012

Great composition taken by BiERLOS aka Roland Brunner

Check out Roland's photography website

Bradley Wiggins - Tour de France winner 2012/London Olympics 2012 time trial gold medallist

Image from Bradley Wiggins Foundation

Great to see classic scooter fan Bradley Wiggins claiming victory in this year's Le Tour. What an achievement; first British winner & best of all he did it clean - well done Bradley! BBC Sports report here

Added to this superb feat, Bradley has now added the London 2012 Olympics, cycling road time trial gold medal (August 1st, 2012) - outstanding! BBC Sports report here

Interesting interview here by The Foot Down cycling blog, who got to have a chat with Bradley back in April earlier this year.

S.I.P. vespa road trip Sardegna 2012

Sardegna 082 by sipscootershop
Back from their awesome looking vespa roadtrip - view S.I.P. Scootershop's full set of fotos below....



Sportique by Vespamore !
Re-built engine now fitted on my 'garage find' Sportique Grand Luxe - see previous post & full set of fotos so far here, more added today

Work being carried out by Retrospective Scooters


Supertune by Vespamore !

I shot this handheld in diminishing light; blur due to slight camera shake... some better Lambretta shots I've taken here

This is Dave Hardy's very nice Supertune, built by Ron Moss at Supertune. I shot this at Men's File magazine issue 07 launch, held at Private White VC, Lambs Conduit Street - July '12. Dave is the creative talent behind Team S Equipe & ETR (Enjoy the Ride) blog

Enjoy the Ride blog -

Green Sprint Veloce

Green Sprint Veloce by Vespamore !
Original vallombrossa green paint Sprint Veloce spotted in
Fitzrovia, London - July '12

Taken with my Olympus OM-2N on expired Fuji Reala film
- more of my vespa shots here


1950's Isle Of Man Scooter Rally.

Vespa Oldtimer Freunde München

P1030373 by vespa.ralkue
Nice shot taken by Ralf Kühn of the Vespa Oldtimer Freunde München Akrobatik team taking part in celebrating 20 years of the Vespaclub Reutlingen - view Ralf's full set of shots he took at the event here

The Munich Vespa Oldtimer Friends club have some seriously nice vintage vespas amongst their ranks; check out the German website here

Ciao !

              Foto by David Hardy

Me arriving at last night's Men's File issue 07
launch held at Private White VC - caught on
camera by Dave Hardy from Team S Equipe

Vespa in Mexico City

IMG_0493 by mujik
Foto by Mujik



Best of Vespa XXIII

Senza di te non sono niente / Without you I'm nothingwedding in OtrantoGot my girl, got my VespaAutunno in VespaVESPA!Shibuya Scooter
Street reflections - Passage Lhomme #4Berlin loves Vespas....Vespa Club LyonnaisgoVespaVintage is better
p.zza VittorioQuartieri Spagnoli, NapoliBerlino - ottobre duemilaottograndpa KCouple of tourists in the streets of Paris, FranceCould be Paris...or Roma

23rd 'best of' gallery I've curated on Flickr - click link to view Best of Vespa XXIII

Men's File magazine issue 07 launch & Men's File Archive: Transportation

                    click image to view large

I can't make this event which is on tomorrow night at
Private White VC in Lambs Conduit Street but I will have
five framed 35mm film prints on display. After the event
the prints will stay on display & are available for sale through
the shop.

If you're in London & have time, go along, this should be a
good evening....

vespamore photography

Private White VC

Men's File magazine


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