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Gran Lusso

L9993147-Edit-2.jpg by Mind Serenade

Great shot taken by Jase in London I'd say...

I like the Vespa GL; foto here of me on Gran Lusso I used to own

Fashion Vespa Shoot


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Nice set of shots by Justine Szczepanczyk, view full set here

vespa wallpapers


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     Free desktop wallpapers

How much is that vespa in the window...?

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Nice shot re-blogged from Orlando Street Photography


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Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth

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Foto by Ellen von Unwerth, reblogged from cruzine

vintage vespa

vintage vespa by fotastisch

Nice shot taken by fotastisch in Aachen, northern Germany with a Praktika L film camera & Yashica F/2 50mm lens


TOLEDO by fulvio k 42

Nice shot taken by fulvio porcu in Toledo, central Spain

This vespa looks like it's far from home judging by it's Alicante plate....

Vespa PX - Official Video

Tre ruote mediterraneo

Tre ruote mediterraneo by .ada°

Forgotten Ape taken in Ceglie Messapico, Puglia, Southern Italy by ada

ada on flickr

red vintage

red vintage by Tunguska RdM

Really like the feel of this shot by Tunguska RdM, taken with a Hasselblad 501 CM camera with a Ziess Planar 80mm F/2.8 lens on expired Fuji Pro 400 h film



La celeste.

La celeste. by raul gonza|ez

Nicely composed shot by Raúl González taken in Palma, Mallorca

spaquetti y vespa

spaquetti y vespa by Yabad54

Great shot taken by Yolanda Abad in Rome; it could only be Italy...

Yolanda's website

Benzina magazine issue 10

                    click image to view large

Earlier this year I was invited by Benzina magazine's editor to take some shots of a vintage Moto Guzzi collection, for a forthcoming feature in the mag - see previous post here

Issue 10 of Benzina will be out shortly with this story, main pic on above page is mine, taken with my Olympus OM-2N on expired Fuji Tungsten slide film - original shot here

Check out Benzina magazine's blog post here

More of my classic bike shots on film here

Vespa production line

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Some great factory shots re-blogged from Retro Scooter Garage blog which sourced them from Francesco Ligato

At a guess I'd say this may be the Motovespa factory in Madrid...

Campo Marzio

R0035113 by louislao

Atmospheric shot taken by louislao in Campo Marzio, Roma



MyFriend by Fab64

Evocative shot by Fabio Ligorio taken near Ceglie Messapica, Puglia, Southern Italy.

Looks like a Vespa Cosa from the back. For me this shot sums up the joy & freedom to roam you feel when aboard a vespa....

A shot I took nearby in San Vito dei Normanni's main piazza, while on holiday in Puglia in 2004


Kamakura vespa

_MG_1113 by salvus

Love the colours & composition in this shot taken by salvus in Kamakura, Japan

salvus on vimeo here

Vespe vecchie

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Some nice period shots which I came across on The Scooterist's FB page

FSTVLST Vespa - Beach ride - August 30 2012

FSTVLST Vespa - Beach ride - August 30 2012 from FSTVLST on Vimeo.

Hugo Ramos' Sprint

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Hugo Ramos emailed me these shots of his very nice 150 Sprint in it's original paint; just as I like them. Hugo took these in Vila do Conde, Northern Portugal - obrigado Hugo ;)

I'm always looking for good shots to add to blog; if anyone else would like to see their scooter here on the vespamore photography blog, please email me some quality shots (as above) to

thanks/grazie/merci/gracias/obrigado/danke/terima kasih/ありがとう


Scootitude concours photo competition

French scooter magazine Scootitude ran a concours photo competition; the best ten shots selected from the entrants can be seen here

Winners received a scarf from Lyon based company 'A Piece of Chic', who produce handmade, quality silk scarves, check out their website & blog I like their 'misson statement' - "A piece of CHIC... in a world of SH..T !!!"

Casale Monferrato in Vespa

Casale Monferrato in Vespa by Federico Savogin

Restored Sei Giorni (6-day racer)? Taken by Federico Savogin at the 10° Vespa Raduno VC CASALE MONFERRATO 16/09/2012

Click here to view full set

Vespa @ Oporto

Vespa @ Oporto by Miguel Cunha

Nice shot taken by Miguel Cunha at Marina da Afurada, V.N.Gaia, Porto

1965 Vespa SS180

1965 Vespa SS180 #20 Photoshoot by: by

Lovely restored SS180 by click link here to view full set

Foto by To purchase prints by Allison of this set please visit:


Vespa 90cc

Vespa 90cc by 咖啡豆(決定只是開始堅持才是關鍵)

Gorgeous shot taken by 咖啡豆(決定只是開始堅持才是關鍵) on a Rolleiflex film camera, I think in Taiwan...

This shot is the perfect example in terms of why I keep 'banging' on about the beauty of film over digital (& why I only shoot on 35mm film) - check out those tones, bokeh, depth of field...sublime!

Giro Vespistico delle Alpi - Zell am See

Giro Vespistico delle Alpi - Zell am See by brennuskrux

Great set of shots taken by Christian Mairitsch view full set here

Christian's website

Vecchia Italia

Untitled by Babelez reloaded

Following previous post; another great Italian street scene, this time by Babelez

Monopoli (Puglia)

Monopoli (Puglia) by Lessio

LOve these Italian street scenes like this great capture by photographer Alessio Trerotoli

Alessio's website here


1968 Police Vespa

1968 Vespa Police Model 01 by visualdialogue
1968 Vespa Police Model 01, a photo by visualdialogue on Flickr.

See here also

Vespa scooters & tight skirts

Vespa scooters & tight skirts by 50'sfan
Vespa scooters & tight skirts, a photo by 50'sfan on Flickr.

Vespa Service

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       Re-blogged from ETR (Enjoy the Ride) blog

Knöpflefahrt CSB Bregenz 2012

Knöpflefahrt CSB Bregenz 2012 from Vespassione on Vimeo.

Manhattan vespa

Vespa by JoelZimmer

Like this shot by Joel Zimmer taken in Manhattan on a Nikon F3 camera with Fuji Superia 35mm film

Click link to visit Joel's photography website - Joel Zimmer photography


Flirting by Bryan Hoang

Great work by Bryan Hoang - see previous post here

Rusty Vespa

Gina Lollobrigida

Lollobrigida by Vintage Italy

Posted on Flickr by Vintage Italy

14th June 1952: Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida attends the Great Film Garden Party at Morden Hall Park in Surrey, on a Vespa motor scooter. She is in Britain to promote an Italian Film Festival. (Photo by Ron Case/Keystone/Getty Images)


Vespa candy

Pedana e pedale...una Vespa eccezionale!! by Federico Savogin

Nice detail shot by my Italian amico vespista Federico Savogin

Vespa spot

Untitled by Siggi Churchill

Nice crusty GS160 MKII spotted at the 2012 Invasion Car Show in Deep Ellum, East Dallas, Texas - captured by Siggi Churchill

Lee Powers photography

                 click images to view large

Couple of nice vespa shots by Lee Powers


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