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PIRELLI scooter

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Old Pirelli ad re-blogged from Enjoy the Ride

See previous post of another Pirelli ad & Fangio at Monza, 1956 - Pirelli


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         Nice shot re-blogged from The Scooterist

Super Sprint

Super Sprint by @BuA

Liking this - taken by Andrea Buda in Colonna, Lazio on a Canon EOS 600D

See other recent Super Sprint post here

Team S Equipe - Gadabout

Dave Hardy from Team S Equipe invited me along to the inaugural 'Gadbout', basically an excuse for a get together of some very tasty, cool Lambrettas, mostly done up in a classic '60s racer style - just how I like them... Also present was a beautiful 'Norvin' motorcycle - a hybrid Norton/Vincent.

The loose plan was to meet up at Lewis Leathers on Whitfield Street, London W1 & after a chat & coffee head off to the Ace Cafe on the North Circular Road. I was working, so called in briefly at Lewis Leathers for a gander & to take some film shots.

I occasionally buy old expired film stock & had one of these films loaded in my Olympus OM-2N; it felt a bit stiff when winding on but I assumed it was okay. After working my way through the 36 exp film, I was excited about getting the shots back but disaster... the resulting prints were all tinged purple with unsightly spots appearing on most of the images. I was gutted as it's rare to get such a decent gathering of superb lambrettas together in one place; all the expired films I've used previously have been fine up until now.

The 'best' shots I took that came out are shown below; not what I would have liked by any means but it gives you an idea...

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Hola..! by vespamore photography

'Papped' in North London by my friend Olaf on his iphone - on my way to work, October 2012

Me & my vespas

Classic Vespa Details calendar 2013

Vespa Detail 1 by photodesignette

Nice detail shot taken by German graphic designer, Annette Liese who has put together the Classic Vespa Details calendar for 2013 - click here for details, the page is in German but translates as follows:

"This calendar will move the hearts of all classic Vespa lovers. Here, no models have been staged but the Vespa itself is the star. 12 interesting detail shots combined with a sophisticated designed calendar - just the right gift for Christmas or birthdays."

See Annette's website here -


vespamore photography prints for sale

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An example of a print I recently supplied to a customer.

This was produced at A4 (8" x 12") on matt, quality paper & processed from the original 35mm film negative. I tend to supply most prints at A4 size on matt or gloss, quality photographic paper but other sizes (A6-A0) can be produced.

A4 prints are priced at £55 each ($88 or 68 euros at time of writing) & are despatched worldwide in stiff card envelopes. If ordering more than one print, discounts are available.

To order your own piece of quality, original artwork, click link here to go to on-line shop. Other prints are available, view galleries in right column.

Super Sprint collection

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I'm in occasional contact with a Brit guy working out in the Antipodes who follows the website/blog, we intend to meet up when he returns to UK & I hope to photograph his lovely scoots you see here, two SS90s (red & white) & a light blue SS50. The red SS90 & SS50 were both recently acquired from the same source & all three of these rare vespas are in excellent original condition, still wearing their original paint - can't wait to get a closer look at these...

stone town

stone town by Mario Maccantelli

Nice detail shot by Mario Maccantelli taken in Zanzibar, Tanzania where it would seem vespas are pretty abundant...

See this shot also taken in Stone Town by Ivan Dupont


Autunno in Vespa #2

Autunno in Vespa #2 by dottoressadania

I love this shot by Dania, it's got seduction & class without being overtly sexual & in your face like a lot of 'girls on scooters & bikes' shots tend to be...

See this shot also from the same shoot by Dania which is my fave from this set

Dania's website

Ciao e buon viaggio....

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This is my old Sprint Veloce, now restored by Retrospective Scooters in North London & bound for San Francisco. An English guy who is emigrating bought it & had it restored before he left.

I traded it in at Retrospective for my 'new'  '71 Motovespa GT160. I'm always sad seeing what I consider nicely original vehicles restored; admittedly she was borderline original or resto. I loved her just the way she was though & would have kept her that way, at least the buyer chose a decent colour...

Foto taken by


'71 Motovespa GT160

'71 Motovespa GT160 by vespamore photography

Just got the first film shots developed I've taken of my GT160, see more here

I took this at my good friend's place, DS Workshop, where he maintains & restores classic Citroens - DS, SM, H-vans etc. He rents a unit on a farm; some barns on the farm like this one have seen better days. Still, a great location for taking photographs. I'd been riding throughout this wet October day & called in for a coffee, chat & to take some photos of course. I parked the scoot under a hole in the corrugated roof to let the light fall on it; great reflections too with the water covering the concrete floor, I love these sort of places to shoot....


Dia 6x6 by Luca472

Cool '70s style shot taken by Italian photographer Luca in a wheat field, see full set here

Vespa 98

Vespa 98 by Turismo Emilia Romagna
Vespa 98, a photo by Turismo Emilia Romagna on Flickr.
PhotoCredits: Giovinazzo

Realizzata nel 1946, è il primo modello di Vespa prodotto dalla Piaggio con telaio rigido. Presenta un motore monocilindrico orizzontale a 2 tempi con cilindrata 98 c.c., cambio a 3 marce. Raggiungeva una velocità massima di 60 km/h., con una autonomia di 250 km. Questa Vespa non montava il cavalletto, ma si inclinava lateralmente su un lato. E' stata prodotta per due anni con alcune variazioni.

It was the first model of Vespa produced by Piaggio with rigid frame. It has a horizontal mono cylinder two stroke engine (displacement 98 cc, three-speed gear) that reached a maximum speed of 60 km and had an autonomy of 250 km. This Vespa was not equipped with kickstand but it leant aside.It was manufactured for 2 years with some variations.

The kiss

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        Foto re-blogged from 'Enjoy the Ride' blog


Quaretta restored vespa!

Quaretta restored vespa! by Lucilla Bertocchini

Foto taken by Lucilla Bertocchini at Marco Quaretta's Livorno workshop, more of Lucilla's great vespa shots here

Marco sold Peter Moore 'Sophia' the VNB vespa he toured Italy on & wrote about in his book 'Vroom with a View' - read more about Marco's vespa passion here


Yenka SalaVespa

Yenka SalaVespa by ωalimai

Great shots of this Gerona (Girona) plate vespa taken in Salamanca, España(Spain) by Aitor Mata

scooter cool

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Some cool shots re-blogged from one of my fave blogs iamascooterist

Reliving the '70s

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S.I.P. Scootershop sent me these 1970s Piaggio advertising shots scanned from old brochures. Have seen these plenty of times in the various vespa books I have but always enjoy looking at these...

It's funny how your tastes change/evolve; having owned vespas for the last 12 years or so I've worked my way through a few of Piaggio's classic vespa models from the 1950s designed GS150 to the later PX or T5 to be exact. I still hanker after a nice original '50s vespa like this lovely pair I spotted at Eurovespa 2006 in Turin but currently seem to have settled on the late '60s/early '70s vespas with squarer styling & bright colours like the above ads. This current vespa preference led to my latest scoot here. Other vespas I've owned can be seen here

2012 a retro odyssey

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Seen this great retro shot doing the rounds
for a while now, not sure who took it but
re-blogged it from iamascooterist

all white lines

all white lines by xrizqysucksx

Well composed shot taken by Semarang based Indonesian photographer, xrizqy sucksx

Looks autumnal with the leaves but given Indonesia's location I guess it's late Spring there now ...


Vespa 50 Small Frame

Vespa 50 Small Frame by John©

Early morning fog in Nanterre - Ville, a suburb of Paris.
[Kiev 60]
[Mir 26b f3.5/45]
[Ilford HP5+ 400]
[Rodinal 1:100, 60 minutes]
A fine shot taken by John© a Paris based English photographer who never fails to produce interesting photography, always good to look at - check out his Flickr photostream here

vespa by Andrew

vespa by Andrew :-)

Like the POV (point of view) & angle of this shot taken by Andrew in Cambridge

Shot on Kodak Portra 160 film with a Bronica SQ A camera & Zenzanon 80mm lens

Vespa vespando l'orizzonte

Vespa vespando l'orizzonte by Adorino Salerno

Great colour in this iphone shot taken by Adorino Salerno


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