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vespamore photography - 2012 review, a year in pictures

I enjoy reading the annual reviews in newspapers/magazines & seeing them on TV of the year that's just passed, so thought I'd put together my own collection of personal highlights/favourite posts of the vespamore website/blog from 2012 - enjoy ......


2012 started off well with this post on Ivan Dupont, my fave of the month. This post on Jenny Markley's photography was a close second & is also worth mentioning.


From February I've picked this lovely shot from Muranovic Takumovsky taken in Sendai, Japan. Many Japanese seem to have an inherent flair or certainly appreciation for style & good design, similar to the Italians. I don't see many vespa shots from Japan but when I do they're usually good like this one from moominsean also posted in February & this one by salvus.  


I got off slightly on the wrong foot with Naples based Scots photographer Robbie McIntosh as I didn't ask his permission to blog this lovely shot although I did credit him as I do everyone on here whose work I post. Robbie was right & in my defence it's difficult to ask everyone due to time constraints & the amount of stuff I blog but am very careful to credit all folk wherever possible. I wish I was afforded the same consideration; I see a lot of my own photography 'borrowed' or assumed as others' work on the internet. Many seem to think if artworks are posted on the web they are up for grabs & can be posted elsewhere or printed off with no credit, due consideration or payment to the artist, never mind the breach of copyright that is taking place. Anyway, griping aside, I sorted things with Robbie & he was happy for me to use this image & also this subsequent one.


Hold You Close - by Los Hot Boxers - Super8 & HD from Don Fito on Vimeo.

I posted plenty of nice shots in April from various talented photographers but have gone with this excellent film by Don Fito


I always enjoy going on rallies/events with the Veteran Vespa Club (VVC) & this was my first proper outing of the year, see original post here

Also can't let this superb shot go unnoticed I posted in May by vladimir rios, taken in Panama - great capture!


June's favourite inclusion for me couldn't really be anything other than London World Vespa Days. Many people had a s**t time at this event but I had a whale of time with some Italian friends over from Milan & tearing around central London late at night on classic vespas with the S.I.P. Scootershop team, who came over from Landsberg, Southern Germany - some links below...

35mm film fotos I took over the 3-day event

My report written for Veteran Vespa Club magazine

S.I.P. Scootershop film of event

Another personal highlight in June was getting some of my film shots in to S.I.P. Scootershop's encyclopaedic classic vespa parts brochure - see here

Above foto by S.I.P. Scootershop


July's post would have to be this garage find Douglas Sportique I acquired. Still can't believe I came across this... sadly I couldn't afford to hang on to it when faced with the completed repair bill for getting her back on the road & sold it to the guy who originally found it & offered it to me.

Another July highlight was those lucky boys from S.I.P. & their Sardinian roadtrip; how many of us would loved to have done this trip - see S.I.P's video here


Not sure who took this lovely, period promotional shot of Brigitte Bardot, sat on the bonnet of a Vespa 400 car but it's my favourite August post.


September for me was topped by this great set of shots taken at Vespa cross Reutlingen 2012 Blechreiz by Ralf Kuhn - original post here


October's entry has to be Peter Didl's stunning replica of the Arthur Francis Trialmaster 110, not many restos 'do it for me' but this definitely ticks every box!

On a personal note, picking up my 'new' '71 Motovespa GT160 from Retrospective Scooters was a highlight during this month.

Sara Fernández's photography was also a great post to write up in October.

October also included S.I.P. Scootershop's visit to Vietnam where Moritz & Co. met up with 'The Scooterist' & 'QSkulls' - see their story in fotos & on film here


VTR Vespa The Resistance from Pau Sàlvia Hortal on Vimeo.

This awesome film from Pau Salvia Hortal could have been posted slightly earlier in the year but I got around to including it in November. This very cool film is one of the best on board, riding sequences I've seen; slightly trippy with the sun flares & overlaying, similar to double exposure. Filmed at the Zuera International Circuit, Zaragoza, Spain; see also this short film by iamascooterist & this post of Raul Abio's shots taken at the event organised by Team Vespa Barcelona.

A couple of other noteworthy posts for me was this nice shot of the rarely seen Vespa Elestart by my Milanese friend Federico Savogin, plus this great capture from Laurent Callot. November was a good month for quality shots, too many to mention but I loved this 'Easy Rider' shot which perfectly sums up the joy of riding & thrill of the open road...


December's favourite post is this sublime shot from Spanish photographer, Raul Gonzalez. Palma based Raul is a supporter of the vespamore website & has obliged me on many occasions, letting me add his excellent vespa shots.

Last up for December was this lovely original paint Vespa GT125, saved from the restorers by owner Long_John_Silver!

Sorry - one last entry for December, which was this restored '76 ET3 Primavera I got to take on expired Ektachrome slide film, with resulting shots cross-processed.

In summary....

Well that finishes off my review of 2012; hope you've all enjoyed reading & checking in on the website/blog as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

A couple of other small personal highs for me were getting some of my film shots published in quality publications I admire, which were Men's File magazine, Benzina magazine (twice) & Enjoy the Ride Fanzine.

Thanks to you all for keeping up with vespamore photography it's pretty cool that 20,000 people from around the globe now regularly visit the website each month ....!

Last word goes to all the talented photographers, filmakers, creatives & contributors who have allowed me to include their inspiring work on here; I'm very grateful to you all ; )

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all have a great 2013 !

Enjoy the Ride Fanzine

                     click fotos to view large

David Hardy, creator of the excellent Team S Equipe & ETR (Enjoy the Ride) websites has included two double spreads on my film photography in his maiden issue of Enjoy the Ride Fanzine. Copies available at Lewis Leathers, Whitfield Street, London W1 & at the Curator Cafe in Totnes, Devon.

Cheers Dave ; D


Fashion Show - The Fripperry

Fashion Show - The Fripperry by Quentin_Dayer

Clothes : Upper East Style
MU : Vanessa I.
Hair : Isealine M.
Place : L'étoile Blanche - Lausanne
© Quentin Christopher Dayer - Crisis Photography - - Tout droits réservés - mention légale obligatoire
Lovely series of shots from Quentin Dayer taken in Lausanne, Switzerland - see full set here

See more of Quentin's photography here

Scooterist clothing

Scooterist by iamascooterist

If you were given money for Xmas & it's burning a hole in your pocket, you could do a lot worse than spend it on a quality t-shirt from iamascooterist - see examples here

I bought the Vespa the Resistance t-shirt earlier this year which was printed on a high quality American Apparel comfy tee.

Other than that you could always buy one of my prints ; )

PS Check out the iamascooterist blog if you haven't already in the 'sites I like' list on right of blog page; this is one of my fave blogs, simply laid out with some great images...


Classicmania. by raul gonza|ez

Raul Gonzalez seems to have been busy vespa spotting of late, another lovely example here taken in Inca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, ES.

Vespassione Xmas rideout

                       click foto to view large

Some cool pics from Vespassione's Xmas rideout, see full set here

Vespassione on FB


"All I want for Christmas..."

           click foto to view large

I'm signing off for a few days of festive chilling out, should be around again from the 27th Dec.

Merry Xmas one & all, hope you all get what you want from Santa ; )

Foto - source

Vespa for ever

Vespa for ever by mathieuparent

Awesome panning shot by Mathieu Parent

White Sprint

White Sprint by vespamore photography

Another recent shot I took of this White Sprint, see previous post

General Lee

                    click fotos to view large

Some nice shots of a 50 Special painted in the General
Lee's livery, sent to me by fellow photographer &
blogger Thierry Vincent, check out Thierry's photoblog
here -

See also this older post of some other vespa shots taken
by Thierry



Vespa by raul gonza|ez

I think I prefer this more than Raul Gonzalez's other shot of this Motovespa 150S - see previous post here

Lorenzo's Vespa.

Lorenzo's Vespa. by raul gonza|ez

LOvely capture by Raul Gonzalez taken in Campos, Mallorca, ES

A couple of other great shots from Raul here & here

Subterranean parking

Subterranean parking by vespamore photography

Another recent film shot I took of my Spanish Motovespa GT160

Taken with my Olympus OM-2N manual SLR on Rollei-film CR200 35mm film & cross-processed

Rally 180-200 - la prima maxi Vespa!

              click image to view large

Piu avanti,per favore..andiamo!

Vespa style

                  click foto to view large - source


Colle del Sommelier 3009mt.

Colle del Sommelier 3009mt. by Fabio Corò - PARMA

Great panoramic shot by Fabio Corò see also


SS90 for sale

                    click fotos to view large

Deep pockets are required to acquire this lovely SS90
currently listed on Ebay with a starting bid of £10,000

If I sell a few more photos, just maybe...!!

"Country of the Apes / 3"

2012-11-0467d4-O "Country of the Apes / 3" by andrea.sosio

Love this shot by Andrea Sosio which he took in Cingoli
in Italy's region of Le Marche

Piaggio Ape on King Street

Piaggio Ape on King Street by Ben Roffelsen

Very nice shot taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by photographer/web develper Ben Roffelsen

Ben's website - The Geometry of Light and Shadow

sting in the tail


         Re-blogged from here, see also

White Sprint headset

White Sprint headset by vespamore photography

One of my own shots of a lovely beaten up Sprint with round headset, which I regularly see around central London on my lunchtime travels.

Previous shots of this vespa here & here

More of my vespa 35mm film shots here

Old school Vespa in Paris

Old school Vespa in Paris by WillVision Photography

Nice spot & capture by WillVision in Paris



Nice image from razor_ramon

Babbo Natale in vespa

                     click fotos to view large

Last weekend, a couple of good friends all too familiar with my obsession with classic vespas, gave me this excellent glass bauble of Father Christmas delivering presents on his vespa, stacked high on the luggage rack.

Now adorning the Xmas tree at 'Casa Vespamore' - very kitsch but quite cool I thought...

vespa modella

             click foto to view large

Love this shot by unknown photographer - source


Merry Xmas

Neal Street Xmas lights by vespamore photography

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for 2013 !

Thanks to everyone who follows/looks in on my website/blog/film photography - I appreciate your support & continued interest ; )

Cheers/Saluti/Saludos/Proost/Santé/Beifall/tepuk tangan/喝采/vô/ура - Paul (vespamore photography)

PS I shot this in the middle of Neal Street under the Xmas street lights, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London - Dec 2012.

Vespa GT

Vespa gt by Long__John__Silver

Beautiful original paint 1967 Vespa GT125 here, taken by owner Long_John_Silver with Super Gandolfi  seat, Ulma 267 legshield, Vigano footrest & engine converted to DR 177cc barrel kit.

Something can only be original once; this looks so good & would be criminal to restore/re-paint this; sadly I bet there are many who would restore this at the drop of a hat! I've got a feeling the current owner loves this GT just the way she is; beautifully original - I hope I'm right...

Since writing this post this morning, the owner has directed me to these links detailing the sympathetic 'tidying up' of his lovely GT - vespaforever forum here in Italian & Vespa Club Jaen forum here in Spanish, more pics below, click on fotos to view large.

Long John - grazie mille/muchas gracias for sharing this great story; I love your ride; it's one of the nicest original vespas I've seen ; )


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