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Loving Touch

Loving Touch by laura_bostonthek

LOvely shot by Laura Boston Thek taken in Amsterdam

Laura's website -

Laura's blog -

Turkish Lambretta tour 1962‏

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Check out these awesome shots from 1962 sent to Retrospective Scooters by a Turkish customer... no more info other than that but what great images !!

Vespa Pre Wedding


Heitor by erik.roa

Cool shot here from fashion photographer Erik Roa Rodriguez not sure where this was taken, looks like Italy....

Check out Erik's website here - Erik Andric Photography

○ by e m i m i

LOve the vintage feel & atmosphere in this shot by e m i m i which I think was taken in Taipei...

See this shot also

Número 8.

Número 8. by raul gonza|ez

Taken by vespafan & regular blog contributor Raul Gonzalez in Palma, Mallorca

Vespa Lover!

Vespa Lover! by Federico Savogin

Like this from Federico Savogin ...



Madrid by N.D.K.K.

Another beautiful shot here from Madrid based Bulgarian photographer Dido Mihajlov

Spanish GS serie II

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Nice vintage shot of this second series Spanish GS, re-blogged
from SPR (ScotaPowa Rumble... Motoculture)

See here for a very nice Spanish GS example, recently restored
by Retrospective Scooters & currently for sale


Coming soon.....

Coming soon..... by vespamore photography

Coming soon - a book of my 35mm film shots taken at Retrospective Scooters.

The one thing I've really wanted to do with my vespa film shots for a long time now is to present them in a high quality, beautifully laid out coffee table book. This is now very close to being realised with the collaborative help from Retrospective Scooters & talented graphic designer David Hardy from Team S Equipe. The book will be printed in English, Italian & German & is expected to retail in the region of £30 + postage & packing.

I'm hopeful the book will be ready for print within the next month, watch this space...

Vespa Love

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A couple of awesome shots here from Sara Fernández of the
Quedada Club Vespa & Lambretta de Valencia, taken outside
the Cafe de Baix, Valencia, ES

here we come the warriors

here we come the wariors by xrizqysucksx

Attractive line-up of classic vespas taken by xrizqy sucksx in Indonesia


Vespa by KhánhInk

Nice Vietnam street scene taken by KhánhInk

Australia Day

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Nice shot re-blogged from the '71 Sprint V and Me blog

Reminds me of this shot I took of my VBB150 in 2006 en route to Eurovespa in Turin...


GS 160 MK1 Yarmouth 2010

GS 160 MK1 Yarmouth 2010 by jaymokid

Nice 'vintage' treatment of this shot of his MK I GS160 taken by Jay; I'm guessing taken on an iphone with Hipstamtaic app....

More shots of this GS here

A nice GS160 MK II I took recently on film, see here

Illustration by Matthew Woodson

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Love this work by illustrator Matthew Woodson, re-blogged from Matthew's site, The Canary after coming across it on one of my fave scooter blogs - iamascooterist 



SS180 by vespamore photography

Another cross-processed film shot I took recently of this very nice SS180, see previous post here

in action

in action by martasem

Nice panning shot taken by martasem of what looks like a Vespa GTR spotted in Trieste, Italy




1958-59 by raul gonza|ez

Beautiful capture from the talented Raul Gonzalez, taken in Campanet, Mallorca

Vespa App....

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    Cool shot, unknown photographer, source - here



GT by vespamore photography

I was pleased with how this shot turned out; the rich colours are down to the expired, cross-processed, Kodak Ektachrome 35mm film.

Taken at Retrospective Scooters on my Olympus OM-2N camera, see more of my classic vespa film shots here.


vallavespa by DANiMANTiS

Another lovely shot here from DANiMANTIS, I love the detail here, see previous post here re Dani's photography.

Dani's website here -

All photographs by DANiMANTIS are protected by Royal Decree Law 1 / 1996 of 12 April, approving the revised text of the Copyright Law. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce in whole or in part without the express consent from the author. If you are interested in purchasing any copy or reproduction rights for any of the photographs published here, please contact the author. If the desired purpose of the photographs is not for profit, you should also contact the author indicating the use which will be the images.


Vespaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! by raul gonza|ez

Nice angle/POV in this shot by Raul Gonzalez, one of my fave Vespa photographers, taken in Palma, Mallorca.


SS90 pre-restoration

SS90 by vespamore photography

An SS90 I recently shot at Retrospective Scooters. Originating from Malaysia, this was about to be stripped for restoration which will take approx 3 months. I'll aim to shoot this again when it comes out the other side & is fully restored.

Taken on my Olympus OM-2N with expired Kodak Ektachrome tungsten slide film & cross-processed.

See this shot also.

Vespa 6 Giorni - Rodaggio

vespa verde

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I love this shot, sourced from Vespa España on FB


Original paint GS160 MK1



LOvely original 1962 example here of the MK1 Gran Sport 160, currently on sale at Dutch classic vespa dealer/workshop Maskes Vespa Klassiekers 

I love the details like the original badge on the legshields, the Vespa Club Hollland sticker & what looks like the original vespa keys too.

It's pretty amazing examples like this are still turning up...


Éclair Joli

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Beautiful shot from Éclair Joli -

I believe this was taken in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Behind the scene

Behind the scene by -clicking-

Great shot by Dzung Viet Le taken in Nhơn Trạch District, South Eastern Vietnam.

This is the first image of the much maligned Vespa Cosa I've included on the blog so far !


Russian red

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Continuing the theme of talented Spanish photographers, see today's earlier post, this shot was taken by Sara Fernández in Gracia, Barcelona - see also this post on Sara's vespa photography.

Sara - gracias por enviarme esta hermosa foto ; )

See also this red ET3 Primavera I shot on film in London, December 2012.

vespa viaggiatori

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What an awesome shot seen on Vespa Club Sei Giorni's FB page

Photographer - Gianni Berengo Gardin

The sweet life

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You can't get much more 'Dolce Vita' than this shot, sourced from here

El Rastro

El Rastro by N.D.K.K.

I like this composition from Dido Mihajlov, a Bulgarian photographer currently residing in Madrid. The heavy contrast & strong colours give it a nice gritty mood in this setting; possibly taken with colour reversal film...?

See previous shot from Dido here.

As well as Dido there is a small group of Spanish guys who take some excellent vespa shots in their native Spain, who are Raul Gonzalez, Sara Fernández & DANiMANTIS.



Untitled by Charles Fredrik

Like this classy shot by Charles Fredrik, taken in Siena, Toscana

Music musings - Sixto Rodriguez, Sugar Man

A few of you (particularly South Africans) may already know of Sixto Riodriguez's music but I first heard it in 1995/96 when my wife played it. She had what was probably a bootleg copy of the album 'Cold Fact', given that it was incorrectly called 'Cold Feet'..!

It wasn't unusual that we heard this superb1970 released album so late, as it did absolutely nothing in America & pretty much disappeared without a trace. However, unbeknown to everyone else, including Rodriguez himself, it was huge in South Africa. Upon listening to Cold Fact, the music picks you up & transports you back in time; it is very evocative & emotive, you sense the struggle & adversity he endures to get by, feeling at times like you could be there with him. The social & political commentary has parallels with Bob Dylan, reminding me slightly of listening to The Freewheelin' album but it is also very different & nailed on for it's era in the late '60s/early '70s.

We were both intrigued to hear a film of Rodriguez's life had been made, which was released last year in 2012. We wanted to see it at this lovely restored Art Deco cinema called The Rex near us but I don't think they've shown it yet; it's the perfect venue to watch this film. Anyway, we ended up watching 'Searching for Sugar Man' the other night on DVD. It's kind of a music documentary but great viewing, particularly interesting if you know the music. Even if you don't, it's still a good film, making a good introduction to the music.

You can read more about Sixto Rodriguez on the official website here -

Official film trailer below...

Sixto Rodriguez below performing 'Sugar Man' on Later with Jools Holland ...


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