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Dreaming of a Roman Holiday

Dreaming of a Roman Holiday by goenetix

Great period foto posted on Flickr by Goran Patlejch who says:

"My mother, as a 19-year-old student, posing on her Vespa in 1959 - Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia."

Goran was asking if anyone knows which model this - I'd hazard a guess going by the headlamp it's a German produced Vespa made under licence by the Hoffmann factory, or possibly a French produced example by the ACMA factory & produced around 1953... any advances on this from anyone & model/type?

Here's a Hoffmann Vespa I took in Germany recently & here is an ACMA Vespa also taken in Germany on the same trip.

Goran - thanks for allowing me to post this foto of your mother ; )


. by Khánh Hmoong

Very nice set of film shots by Vietnamese photographer Khánh Hmoong taken with his Nikon FM camera on Fuji Superia 200 - see full set here

Khánh's website here -

Sei Giorni replica

                                    click foto to view large

Lovely shot of this beautiful Sei Giorni racer by V DAYS, currently on display in Stadthalle Graz, Austria.

I'm fairly sure this is the same scooter I saw at SIP's Customshow in Landsberg recently; in which case it is a replica but even though, how nice is this...!

You can see more shots of this scoot here in V DAYS' album


Workshop shot

                      click foto to view large

Love this workshop shot by Sebas van Eenennamm



Minissale from Juan Paviolo on Vimeo.

Great vid from Juan Paviolo...!


Lake Amersee ride

                                          click fotos to view large

Friday 12th April 2013 - me (Paul Hart) with Alexey Bulkin, President of Vespa Club St Petersburg & Anna Nemchikova.

Fotos all taken by Anna Nemchikova during our ride around Lake Amersee while in Bavaria for S.I.P. Scootershop's Customshow. I was riding the Blu Pavone SS180 & Alexey & Anna were on the lovely Rally 200, both scoots fitted with SIP's tried & tested set up of P200 unit with Malossi 210 & SIP Road exhaust Last foto, me taking this shot of Anna.

Read full vespamore report of this excellent weekend here

The low profile open face helmets we're wearing are from Italian manufacturer 70s Helmets -

Vespa TS 1977: Death Proof !!

                                          click fotos to view large

Like this TS125 which looks like it's fitted with US spec. 'blinkers' - fotos re-blogged from ScotaPOwaRumble


S.I.P. Customshow - vespamore photography report

30 by vespamore photography
photo by vespamore photography on Flickr.

S.I.P. Customshow - vespamore photography report

Would have normally written this report up quicker but have been pre-occupied with the recent RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS book & it's official launch last Thursday night.

Ralf Jodl from S.I.P. Scootershop invited me in January to the Customshow they had planned to host in Landsberg on Saturday 13th April. I've had email contact with Ralf for a few years now & sent him a disc of film shots, some of which were used in SIP's classic vespa mail order catalogue. I got to meet Ralf in person for the first time when he came to London last year with a few other guys from SIP for World Vespa Days London.  

After booking a cheap flight from Stansted to Memmingen (between Munich & Landsberg)  I waited in anticipation for April 13th to come around. Loaded up with half a dozen films & not much else; wasn't looking to get fleeced by Ryanair on their baggage allowance, I flew out to Bavaria on the Thursday morning.

Ralf collected me from the airport & we headed to Landsberg, a very pretty Bavarian town with a view to the Alps on a clear day & home to SIP. After a guided walk around Landsberg with Ralf, we headed to Munich where I was able to take a look at Robin Davy's extensive collection of rare vespas, many still in their original paint & assorted memorabilia & period posters etc. The life of a collector could never be for me but it was very impressive to look at all the same. Upon leaving Robin's place Ralf took me to Vesbar also in Munich which is a cool little classic scooter workshop & showroom which reminded me a bit of Retrospective Scooters in London, only tidier! That evening back in  Landsberg we were joined by Alexey & Anna, two of Ralf's Russian friends who had come over from St Petersburg for Saturday's event. They were also staying at Ralf & partner Angie's place. After introductions were completed we ate at a very nice Croatian restaurant in Landsberg, joined by yet more of Ralf's friends!

 35mm film fotos taken at

Friday morning came around quick enough with the Croatian 'meat fest' & Bavarian beer still sitting heavily on my stomach! Ralf & Angie headed off to work in the morning leaving Alexey, Anna & me free to make use of the vespas in the garage. Alexey & Anna went for the lovely mustard Rally 200 while I had to make do with the restored SS180 in blu pavone; the Italian GS160 Mk1 would have to wait..! We set off to see SIP's headquarters in the industrial district in Landsberg where Ralf gave us a tour of the showroom, offices & depot from where all scooter parts orders are despatched worldwide. SIP employ approx 50 staff, so it's quite a big concern & as you would expect, very well set up & run.

 S.I.P. Scootershop showroom in Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria

We left SIP & headed into Landsberg's centre to meet up with Ralf & Angie's friend Leopold who runs Wild Shoe, one of his many concerns! After a few espressos we took a trip on the scoots around Lake Amersee after Leo had supplied us with a map. It was pretty blowy but dry & both scoots being fitted with SIP's tried & tested set up of P200 engine with Malossi 210 & SIP road exhaust made for some excellent riding along the sweeping, open country roads.

 Alexey & Anna during a stop-off in Utting on the edge of Lake Amersee

We got back to Landsberg where the sun had now made an appearance making for some great foto ops after a belated lunch...

 Anna & Rally 200

Once back at Ralf's place we were joined by a large French contingent from Scooter Club du Sud Est
also staying & a couple of Italians from 70s Helmets making it a very full house! For me, I loved being the only English guy present, surrounded by French, Italians, Germans & Russians who fortunately pretty much all understood English or my occasional attempts at Italian & French! Once ready, we departed en masse to a traditional Bavarian restaurant where we ate some fantastic sliced pork with braised red cabbage & dumplings washed down with more beer! The restaurant was busting at the seams with SIP guys & their various guests from pretty much most corners of Europe - another great night!

Saturday finally arrived; the day of SIP's Customshow & the reason for being there , not just eating, drinking & sightseeing! Also for me a great opportunity to hopefully get some decent film shots & check out some nice German & Austrian classic scoots. It was an excellent day for me; I really enjoyed the freedom to walk around & take it all in while breaking for a Bratwurst in a roll & weissbier from Leo's mobile bar & BBQ!

After a long but superb day & once back at Ralf & Angie's we decamped to Salvatore's Italian restaurant for yet more food, beer & wine before heading to the bar, site of the Customshow allnighter. Conversation dried up at this point, drowned out by the pleasant sounds of mainly Northern Soul tunes being spun. Around 2.30am we called it a day & ambled back 'home' to bed. 

Sunday greeted us with wall to wall sunshine & 25 degrees heat! Ralf & Angie treated their assembled guests to a traditional Bavarian breakfast of boiled sausages, rock salt crusted bread pretzels with raw radishes & swede chutney with a constant supply of coffee - delicious! During the Customshow I met up with some German guys who run the Formalisten website; they have similar interests in classic scoots to me & we'd be in touch before the trip. One of the guys David, rides a very nice custom Sprint Veloce named 'Reingold' & lives about 30km from Landsberg in Augsburg, so I called him to see if he was up for me taking some film shots of his cool scoot. David didn't mind at all so once Ralf had sorted me out a map I headed off on the SS180, while the others went to Leo's riverside house for a BBQ on the terrace overlooking the River Lech! I didn't mind at all though as Ralf had sent me on the scenic route to Augsburg through the villages which couldn't have been better under the warm sun & blue skies. My journey came to a halt on the edge of a small village as the engine gave out. Fortunately this only turned out to be a blocked idle jet which was quickly remedied after taking advantage of the surroundings with my camera...

En route to Augsburg on Blu Pavone SS180

After a bit of tail chasing I eventually found David's place & once he'd collected 'Reingold' he took me to an amazing old de-comissioned gasworks, great for taking fotos. There's no way you could get anywhere near such a place in the UK; it would be ring fenced with barbed wire! We had a stroll around the site looking for suitable areas to take some shots & then set to work...

After an enjoyable couple of hours, we finished up & David took me back to the motorway for a full throttle blast back to Landsberg, where I hooked back up with the others at Leo's place. The still warm, low sun felt lovely on the terrace overlooking the river; where we made the most of it with a few glasses of 'Aperol' & of course had to take a few obligatory fotos...

Fotos taken at Schloss Hamberger

We ended the the day with a chilled out evening at Salvatore's Italian restaurant again, with a few glasses of wine & antipasti - bliss!

Monday was the day of my return my home. I spent the morning taking the remaining shots left on my film in Landsberg after realising I'd taken none of this scenic town..

 Landsberg am Lech

After using up the last of my film, I bade Ralf farewell & reluctantly returned the SS180 to the garage. Leo gave me a lift back to Memmingen airport for the return flight back home.

So that was the end of what had been such a great long weekend for me. More than the amazing array of classic scoots on display, or even the exclusive loan of the beautiful Super Sport; I was totally knocked out by the warmth, hospitality & generosity of spirit shown to me by Ralf & Angie & their Landsberg friends! Also great was meeting their Russian, French & Italian friends who had come for the Customshow. It's amazing where a love of an 'Italian shopping bike' can take you....

Slideshow of full set of shots I took below - all shots taken with my Olympus OM-2N manual SLR on Kodak Portra 400 35mm film...

Check out also SIP's film of the Customshow here

Paul Hart/vespamore photography -


Un dimanche à Paris - pause

CAP_8594 by CreART Photography

Lovely composition here by Carlos Pinho

Carlos' website here -


Poster design - David Hardy

Since giving out most of the posters we had printed for Thursday night's book launch, have decided to get another twenty five A3 posters printed. These are on a very nice thick quality paper with a subtle, satin/eggshell finish.

These can now be ordered here from the vespamore shop. Payments are handled securely via PayPal, prices are as follows:

Poster + UK/Eire postage - £6.20
Poster + Europe postage - 6.70
Poster + Rest of the World postage - £7.30
Poster (collection only) - £3.50



          Niall McCart, Retrospective Scooters owner on left (centre of foto)

                   Dave Hardy, book's graphic designer signing copies

                  Bradley Hall from New Originals spinning some tunes

        My orange Motovespa GT160 putting this GS150 in the shade...!!

                Me (Paul Hart) on left & Niall centre working the room !

Thanks to everyone who came to last night's book launch at the Cat & Mutton pub in Hackney & supported us - very much appreciated !

All fotos taken by David Hardy, click link here to view Dave's full set.

RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS book now on sale here

For those who have placed orders for the book, I will start sending out your copies early next week.



                                  click image to view large

Now I've taken delivery of first 200 books, Dave Hardy has taken a couple of promo shots to whet your appetites for those who would like a copy & also those awaiting their copy in the post...

To buy book, visit vespamore shop here

RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS - book launch tonight !

Poster design - David Hardy

Retrospective Scooters Book launch tonight! Looking forward to it, hope to see you there...

Full details here

TDC at the Jackalope

TDC at the Jackalope by joe.barthlow

Nice comp in B&W by Joe Barthlow...

S.I.P. Customshow Landsberg 2013

047a BSG Graiaui by sipscootershop
047a BSG Graiaui, a photo by sipscootershop on Flickr

S.I.P. Scootershop have now published their report of last weekend's Customshow held in Landsberg, Bavaria which you can read in full below...

SIP Scootershop Pressnews

Here is our report of our Scooter Customshow in Landsberg last weekend:

Usually it's us, who load their van each year to visit a custom show. Be it in Ried, in Antwerp or in Bridlington. But when the news reached us that there would be no custom show in Munich this time, another idea rushed into our mind: 'A custom show in Landsberg... that would be nice. As international as possible and featuring all imaginable branches of the scooter scene...' While we had rather been thinking aloud than actually planning in December, only a moment later they day had come. On Saturday 13, April 2013 the Motorscooter Customshow Landsberg opened its gates.

Within no time people from all over the world had let us know that they wanted to participate. Italian mods, French long distance riders, Austrian tuners, German collectors... They all wanted to be part of the show. Wow! But while we were more than happy about the enthusiastic feedback, we also started to worry: What if the venue is too small? What if it's raining? What if the various group won't get along with each other? An event of this size is always quite a challenge and our only option was to plan ahead as well as possible and trust in the momentum of the event.

The plan worked out well and a couple of days before the show, the first international guests arrived in Landsberg. All of them had brought stunning exhibits. From Greek Pulsar Project's latest work 'Springer Sting' to the high-performance racers of the Italian BSG guys.

On the day of the event not only the visitors but also the organisers were excited to see how diverse and colorful the scooter scene 2013 actually is: cross racers, rally pilots, Bella enthusiasts, drag racers, 50s nostalgics... around about 1500 visitors had come to see the 116 registered custom scooters and stroll through the fairground. Alongside impressive paint jobs and sophisticated customising, there were also a couple of oddities to marvel at (the Bastert Monotrace for instance). Often times tounge in cheek and always with the utmost attention to detail. Many guests had travelled hundreds of miles to visit the show. Some of them even by scooter. We were really impressed to see, how enthusiastic people from all over the world still get about the 'old' scooters. Once again a huge motivation for us here at SIP to promote the future development of the Vintage Vespa/Lambretta sector.

Alongside the exhibiton, there were also several other attractions: While Toni la Rocca was spinning the records, the visitors had the chance to watch both tattoo artists Bene Bader and airbrush legend Marcus Pfeil in action. The 2pm highlight in the 'separee': Pinion guru Denis Innocente (DRT) hosted an exclusive gearbox workshop and was happy to answer all the questions, the participants asked.

Food and beverages were available in the outdoor area, where also the parts market and the stand of Vollgas Motorroller were located. Tim had brought his dyno and it was incredibly exciting to watch the current elite of high end tuners in direct comparison on the test bench. With more than 47 ps Italian racer Stefano Scauri (BSG) eventually turned out to have built the most powerful engine.

While the visitors and exhibitors had plenty of time to chat or talk shop and enjoy a cocktail at the Tiki-Bar, the international jury had to decide on their personal custom favourites. A hard task in the face of the many stunning exhibits. In the end the following scooters were awarded:

Best Lambretta: 36 - Lars Kirschenhofer
Best Wideframe: 6 - Vespa Veteranen Club Deutschland
Best Largeframe: 55 - sQooter Team Steyr
Best Smallframe: 22 - Peter Didl
Best Streetracer: 13 - Fabian Hauke
Best Vintage Racer: 66 - Raphael Reinsch
Best Racer: 114 - Mike Betz
Best Non-Italian: 58 - Fam. Thiele, Bella Club
Best Paint: 116 - Lukas Louca
Best Display: Tiki Bar - Höllenteufel SC
Furthest Travelled: 102 - Giacomo Salia (UK)
Maximum Respect: 108 - Andreas Barth
Best Custom: 99 - Andi Frey
Best Oddity and Best of All: 109 - Pulsar Project (GR)

A big thank you to all exhibitors, visitors, and helpers for a fantastic weekend. We are already looking forward to seeing you again in Austria next year.

Check out our Flickr gallery here to see all of our pictures and this gallery of participants with their scooters, which we consider to be one of the best selection of scooters we have seen. We are still editing the SIP TV clip, you can see it soon on




                                  click foto to view large

SIP Scootershop have just released the first issue of their new 'CURVE' magazine, read more in their press release below...

"We are proud to present the first edition of our customer bulletin ‚CURVE‘. We would like to share some highlights of the last few months here at SIP with our fellow customers. Including rallies, ride-outs, personalities and (of course) scooters! Finally a tactile alternative to our long established online blogs! Alongside letting everybody know what inspired and fascinated us of late, this is also a more convenient way to inform customers about innovations in our shop and improvements to our service, such as new payment methods (Hello Amazon Payment!). This first issue will give you a look behind the scenes here and you’ll find a report on the SIP team's tour to Sardinia on our vintage Vespas. 

We plan to release a new edition of ‚Curve‘ two or three times a year. The magazine is free-of-charge and will be available in our shop in Landsberg, as well as included in all parcels we ship out. Enjoy the read!

Oh, before we forget, the reason for the name of our new publication is simple: The curves of a coastal road are infinitely preferable to the geometry of your common motorway! Apart from that who can forget the curves of the beautiful Vespa herself and the “Bella Donna” who inspired them?"


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