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vespa piedi

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         Really like this shot seen on the Vespadeluxe FB page

Vespa in Grecia ancora..

DSC01797 by Adigi2004

Foto by Andrea Di Grangiacomo, same vespa as seen in previous colour post but now being ridden by it's elderly owner - lovely shot, think I prefer this one...

Vespa in Grecia

DSC01799 by Adigi2004

Very nice shot from Andrea Di Grangiacomo taken in Greece


Wildwood 2013

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This beauty was taken by US photographer Jenny Markley at the Wildwood East Coast classic vintage scooter rally, New Jersey, which took place late May/early June - view the full set here

I'm a big fan & admirer of Jenny's work as you can see from this post at the beginning of last year. I really like her take on cool/kitsch/Americana & she has a great eye for composition. Jenny uses a variety of film & digital cameras with her output focusing definitely on quality rather than quantity; a motto I try to stick to myself.

To see more of what I mean check out Jenny's Flickr photostream here & her own website here -

Scooter girl

Gran Lusso re-blogged from ScotaPowa Rumble ... Motoculture

Vespa Girl Skiddaw

Vespa Girl Skiddaw by Eamon Bourke

Excellent capture by photographer Eamon Bourke, shot in Cumbria - love this...

Eamon's website -

Vespa Girl

Vespa Girl by ▓▒░♠ ★Rob H ♠░▒▓

Great London vespa shot & lens flare too taken by Rob Hine

The Mountain Ride 2013

Amazing vid here from Đá Nguyễn aka The Scooterist

I've been riding into work the last few days on my scoot to run in my Malossi 210cc kit (W.Herts - Central London). I got soaked on the way home last night & on the way in this morning. In the middle of Kings Langley High Street a considerate male Volvo estate driver (not that I'm sterotyping..) thought it would be a good idea to do a 3-point turn, with me approaching him from 200 yards away! I hit the rear brake probably a bit too harsh for the wet conditions & did my impression of the Fast & Furious (Tokyo Drift). I asked him loudly towards his open window (& for the benefit of Kings Langley's inhabitants) what the f**k he thought he was doing..!! He then came over all indignant & gesticulated that I enjoy taking myself in hand - unbelievable!! Were it not for the fact I was late for work I would have gladly stayed to argue my point & point out I don't currently have a death wish.

Anyway (I digress), it strikes me seeing Đá Nguyễn's lovely film that I'd be far safer riding these wet, barely surfaced roads in the mountains of Vietnam rather than running the gauntlet of the UK's busy roads & idiot drivers, I'd have a far better time too...

Check out The Scooterist website here -


Eric Koston - Paris 2012

Eric Koston - Paris 2012 by Perimony

Excellent shot by Guillaume Périmony

VTR24H 2013

VTR24H 2013 by iamascooterist

Amazing shot from iamascooterist taken at this year's Vespa the Resistance, check out the full set here


Esprit by vespamore photography

Pretty rare to see one of these 'in the wild', Guigaro's 'wedge' can mostly be seen at classic car events these days...

I was walking during my lunch hour in central London & was stoked to get the chance to shoot this Series 3 Esprit (I think) when turning the corner. A couple of detail shots here & here

For more of my classic car shots (all taken on 35mm film) click link here

Vespa S

Vespa S by vespamore photography
Taken by me on Kodak Portra 35mm film with my Olympus OM-2N - June 2013 in Fitzrovia, London.


9th Vespa Run

9th vespa run 2013 from Red Banana Film on Vimeo.

Cool vid of 9th Vespa Run, Seoul, Korea.


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Lovely capture by urline I prefer this is in black & white but there are some nice colour versions like this one here

Flo, danke for letting me blog this ; )

Vespa World Days 2013 - Hasselt Belgium

Vespa World Days 2013 Hasselt Belgien 21 by fritzigs4

Nice shot taken at WVD 2013, Hasselt by fritzigs4 

I didn't get to World Vespa Days this year due to work, a shame as Belgium is very quick to get to from SE England - World Vespa Days London was a lot easier for me to attend..
If like me you couldn't go this year, you can get a feel for the event by checking out these pics below...

fritzigs4's fotos - here

Italian friend Auro Meotto's fotos - here

Atlantic Movers Scooter Club fotos - here

Vid of WVD 2013 Day 3 below, see also Vespa World Days 2013 on YouTube here -


Tre Mari VESPA RAID 2013

                        click image to view large

I really hope I get to do this event before I'm too old/unable to ride a vespa, check out this report which I saw on S.I.P. Scootershop's blog page on their website, report by Martin 'Sticky' Round.

More pics here on SIP's Flickr page

GT160 - powered by SIP parts

GT160 - powered by SIP parts by vespamore photography

My Motovespa GT160 complete with Malossi 210cc kit, SIP Road exhaust & varitronic kit, parts supplied by

More shots of my scoot here


Ma que bella !

Ma que bella ! by recto vultu

Very nice workshop film shot particularly with the poster, taken on a Yashica mat 124G camera with Kodak Trix 400 B&W film by François CROS in Anglet, France

clam shell

_V9A5080 by Enrique Tellols

Nice close up of this Spanish clam shell speedo by Enrique Tellols


Double Vespa

Double Vespa by Louis Sommer

Beautiful film capture by Louis Sommer taken with a Leica M3 in île Saint Louis, Paris.

Il diluvio

the scooterist (7) by The.Scooterist

Such a nice shot by Đá Nguyễn aka The Scooterist taken at a Vietnamese scooter workshop in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon).

Spot Poste Mobile - L'uomo SIM

When vespa brings happiness..

                            click foto to view large

Very nice shot from Vietnamese photographers Eclair Joli, seen here on The Scooterist blog. Part of a wedding set of shots, more here.


old is cool (er)

old is cool (er) by nlambertini

Every now & then I come across a superb shot like this one by Spanish graphic/web designer Nacho Lambertini - really liking the composition & focus on the older (cooler) vespa...

Nacho's shot also reminds me of this film shot I took which is featured in the RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS book.

Nacho's website -

Maskes Vespa Klassiekers - new website

                            click foto to view large

Dutch classic vespa workshop Maskes have updated their website with a cool new look, check it out at

Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom Show.

Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom Show. by tokyo scooter stuff

Excellent panning shot from tokyo scooter stuff again taken in Harajuku District, Tokyo as previous post.

Same helmet as mine...


vespa by bencolvin

Love the colours & composition in this great shot by photographer Benjamin Colvin, taken in Denver, Colorado, US.

Looks like a Vegemite sticker on the legshields.. I can go with that; you can't beat Marmite on warm toast!

Link to Ben's website -  here

Harajuku vespa

W28-191 by tokyo scooter stuff

Following on from yesterday's post re vespas in Japan, here's another nice shot from tokyo scooter stuff of this blue smallframe in Harajuku District, Tokyo.

The Magic Touch / Primaveras


Fast Saturday.

Fast Saturday. by tokyo scooter stuff

Nice shot by tokyo scooter stuff taken in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Have noticed the website is getting quite a few Japanese viewers lately.

I'd be interested to see some decent quality vespa shots taken in Japan - if anyone has some good shots they've taken in Japan or are around classic vespas in Japan itself & would like their shots aired on here (full credits given), please get in touch via email -

Vacanze romane

Vacanze romane by Kris_75

Nice studio fashion shot with vespa taken by Cristina Aguzzi

Vietnam Vespa Scene by The Scooterist

                              click foto to view large

"Vietnam’s streets are jam-packed full of your run of the mill models; Honda’s Dylan, @ and SH models, Suzuki’s Hayate and Yamaha’s Nouvo that all clamour for attention in some of the world’s most bizarre urban waves of traffic. But it is the chic old models that have been custom painted and fitted that are turning heads in HCM City."

                           click foto to view large

Fotos & text re-blogged from 'Vespa Scene in Vietnam' by The Scooterist - check out the full post here

For more excellent period images of scooters in Vietnam, click link here to go to The Scooterist's own blog.

The Scooterist FB page

Vespa auf dem Gehsteig

Vespa auf dem Gehsteig by Timor Kodal

© Timor Kodal Photography

Very nice street capture with Vespa 50 Special taken in kreuzkölln, Berlin, DE

Timor's photography website here -


vespoleto by +faster+

Lovely Lomo film shot of this Vespa 50 Special taken by +faster+ in Spoleto, Umbria, IT


Untitled by Roberta Di Fiore

Like this portrait by Roberta Di Fiore taken in Palermo

street rock!

street rock! by *LEGO*

Nice candid from Nicola Burgarella taken in Palermo, Sicilia, IT


原版-045 by pirate M

Cool shot taken by pirate M in Taiwan at a guess - see this diptych also...


vespa de course

                               click fotos to view large

A couple of very nice vespa racing shots with female rider on board, taken at Iron Biker's Fest last weekend by my French photographer friend Thierrry Vincent, see Thierry's website & blog via links below...


Day 27 by C_light

Beautiful Ape shot taken by Chris Sok at a market in Fluntern, Gockhausen, CH

Chris' website -

Vespa SL

                              click foto to view large

LOvely capture of this Spanish model seen on the Vespadeluxe FB page

Vespa 150 Sprint

Vespa 150 Sprint by pirat_hh

Awesome shot from pirat_hh - love this one...!

.Vespa on film

. by Khánh Hmoong

Lovely film shot from Khánh Hmoong taken in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam, check out the full set here

Khánh's website here -

Rear window

                                click foto to view large

Re-blogged from the Black Coffee Club FB page, not sure who took this, great shot whoever it was...



vespa in perspective

Untitled by i k o

Another nice capture from i k o (see previous post), liking the lines & perspective in this shot taken in Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, IT


hazzard by i k o

Cool Ape find & capture by i k o taken in Gorizia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, IT

Vespa azzurra

Vespa azzurra by Flachir ( Flavio Ricci )

Nice soft tones & bokeh in this smallframe shot by Flavio Ricci


Vespa Chic

Flamby 22 by Exa Photographie

Nice shot by Exa Photographie taken in Aix en Provence, FR

Exa Photographie FB page

Douglas Vespa Rod models


                                 click fotos to view large

Like waiting for a bus, you wait what seems like forever for one to arrive & then two turn up at the same time... a vespa collector friend has just recently acquired these two very straight Douglas Rod vespas, the first still wearing it's original paint.

I've been harassing this friend for some time now for me to take some film shots of his burgeoning vintage scooter collection. Many of them are still in their original paint, just how I like them. We've provisionally set up a date for the near future so watch this space...

vespa cinquanta


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