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book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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Life is Beautiful - Enjoy the Ride

Life is Beautiful Enjoy the Ride from Pedro Freitas on Vimeo.

Loving this short film from Pedro Freitas, shot on the island of Madeira.... excellent work!!


Jered by 2strokebuzz

Really liking this shot from Bryan Bedell.of 2strokebuzz

Taken at Brew City Weekender, Saturday Sept. 21, Milwaukee & shot on expired Fuji Velvia 100 cross-processed - Bryan's full set here


Untitled by raul gonza|ez

Another lovely shot from vespafan Raul Gonzalez taken in Palma, Mallorca - see recent post also

Check Raul's excellent MallorcaVESPA set - here


Order your copy for Xmas

I know it's early & I too get cheesed off with Xmas being pushed in my face in September but if you'd like a copy of RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS best get an order in soon, or you might want to subtley make it known to your loved ones/friends you'd like a copy for Crimbo...

Book available to order via link - here


In Vespa..!

93940011 by lucius_kobbit

Nice on the road shot from Alexey Dolgov

More of Alexey's photography - here

Mercat de Sineu.

Mercat de Sineu. by raul gonza|ez
Mercat de Sineu., a photo by raul gonza|ez on Flickr.

Beautifully shot by Raul Gonzalez in Mallorca... lovely scene!

More of Raul's photography - here


Vespa GT 125 I LOVE YOU

Vespa GT 125 I LOVE YOU by PaquiPhotography

Like this shot by Francesca Sacco who describes what vespa means to her below in Italiano..

..."se hai una Vespa Special che...ti toglie i problemi!"

Vespa GTR 125 ♥ ♥ ♥ Un grande amore!!

Sin da piccina...prima nascosta davanti che nn vedevo neanche dove andava mio padre,poi seduta in un angolino della sella,poi dietro mio padre,poi alla guida.

E fu la prima volta che andai in moto..
Translated in Inglese...

... "if you have a Vespa Special ... that takes away the problems!" (from an Italian song by Lunapop "Vespa 50")

Vespa 125 GTR Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) A great love!

Love at first sight ...since a was a little girl.... The first time I get on the Vespa I was so little I could not see where my father was driving (I was too short!), then as I grow up I was sitting in a corner of the saddle, then as I was 14-years-old it was better to sit on the saddle behind my father. Finally as I got my driving licence I was driving it.

That was the first time I went in motion ..
Black heart (cards)

Francesca - grazie mille for letting me feature your Gran Turismo ; )

The latest edition of S.I.P. Scootershop's 'CURVE' magazine out now - see here

Aston Martin centenary meeting

DB5 by vespamore photography
DB5, a foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.

Some 35mm film shots taken at the Aston Martin centenary meeting at 'The Hub' in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire - Sunday 1st September 2013.

See full set - here

All shots taken by me on Kodak Portra 400 with my Olympus OM-2N, F/1.4 Zuiko lens.

All rights reserved Paul Hart/vespamore photography -

Lo scheletro di un'Ape

Lo scheletro di un'Ape #ape #farobasso #vintage by Federico Savogin

Lovely Ape interior cab shot from Federico Savogin...


Vespa Cinta

Vespa Cinta by Sapta Hudaya

"Means Vespa of Love (Scooter of Love)
Holga 120CFN + Kodak T-Max 100."

Nice film shot by Sapta Hudaya taken in Bali, Indonesia on a Holga toy camera.

Vespa 150

Vespa 150 by Armando G Alonso

Nice shot of this Spanish Sprint by Armando G. Alonso complete with old Spanish road tax stickers

Check out Armando's blog/website here -


Rom V

Rom V by dirk.heinecke

Great shot by Dirk Heinecke in Rome, clever composition made to look easy with the vespa, couple on board, walking couple, marble sculpture & Castel Sant Angelo across the Tiber - I reckon a fair amount of patience was required to get this...


Ape Pentaró

Ape Pentaró by Federico Savogin
foto via Federico Savogin on Flickr.

Foto di Daniele Guastamacchia in Catania, Sicilia, IT

'71 Sprint

Lovely shots of this '71 Vespa Sprint, shot with EOS600D EF50mm F1.8. First shot by Gerald de Rijke, second shot by Laurens de Rijke - both seen on Laurens de Rijke's FB page.

See also this very cool short film they shot of the same scoot.

VBC super 73

VBC super 73 by ziad ali attamimi

Great scene taken by ziad ali attamim in Indonesia


Le scooter orange

Le scooter orange by Rosca75

Nice composition from Oscar Liber taken by Canal St Martin, Paris. Like how this has been framed with the bar behind..


Retrospective Scooters

Retrospective Scooters by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.

Another of the 35mm film shots which features in my 'Retrospective Scooters' book, produced in collaboration with Niall McCart, owner of Retrospective Scooters in Hornsey, London N8 & graphic designer, David Hardy.

Book available to buy at £29.50 plus P&P via link - here We have approx 40-50 copies left of the initial print run with no immediate plans as yet for another run, so get your copy while you still can..!

I've been very particular regarding who sells the book; other than my vespamore site, Retrospective & Dave Hardy's site, the book up until now has been available to buy via S.I.P. Scootershop. Added to this select list is the very cool classic Vespa workshop, Maskes Vespa Klassiekers in Rijen, Holland. So if you're in the Netherlands or Belgium, call in if you're passing...

Vespa 50 Special

Vespa 50 Special by Luca.Pietrobono

Nice B&W from Luca Pietrobono taken in Piazza Vittorio, Roma, IT


Brighton Mod Weekender 2013

Excellent shot from 'The Scootographer' aka Dominic Hinde taken at this year's Brighton Mod Weekender, over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Great portrait & really like the composition of this shot.

Dominic is making a name for himself  with his scooter photography having been featured on here a few times along with other blogs, Rimini Lambretta's website & also Fred Perry's website. Dominic undertakes private commission work too. See more of this great set of fotos here

Have to admit to the whole Mod thing not being my bag at all but 'live & let live' as they say; clean (accessory free), original paint scoots is more my thing as most visitors to this site will know & followers of my own work. Still, you don't have to always like something to be able to appreciate the time & effort that's gone into it... and in this case I do find myself admiring the style & aesthetic of the subjects in Dominic's series even if after all it's not for me personally.

See Dominic's website here -

Scootographer FB page - here 

Dominic - thanks for letting me feature this series ; )

GS150 - Laurent Callot Photographies

Cool shot from French photographer Laurent Callot looks like a GS3 produced by the Augsburg factory under licence in Germany. I used to own one of these - see here. The GS3 was kind of a hybrid GS150 VS4/VS5 with obvious differences being the Hella electrics, horncast, rear stem light, Denfeld seat & alloy panel trim.

Laurent's website - Laurent Callot Photographies

Laurent's FB page - here


Vespa by raul gonza|ez

Lovely shot from regular vespamore contributor Raul Gonzalez, taken in Palma, Mallorca, ES

More great vespa shots from Raul here



Berlin by Irekkk38 - Irene Campanale

Cool Vespa capture by Irene Campanale taken in Berlin - like this one !

Vespa VB1T

58vespa-18 by AllenDaDavid

Like the POV (point of view) in this shot by cinematographer Allen David of his very nice '90s restored VB1T  or 'Clubman' as they were known as in England, assembled under licence by the Douglas factory in Bristol).

See Allen's full set here


Vespa by N.D.K.K.

Great capture from Bulgarian photographer Dido Mihajlov in Madrid

More great vespa shots from Dido - here


Italian Surfland - Milano Marittima

foto by Alessandro Bocchi - all rights reserved

Che meravigliosa... loving this film shot by Alessandro Bocchi  - excellent work..! This capture is of Francesca, a surfer from Forli.

See Alessandro's full set here which was taken at Milano Marittima - Cervia (RA) Italy - "Italian SurfLand" is a series of portraits of surfers, windsurfer, kitesurfer and also a skateborder.

Image details:

- Camera: TOYO-FIELD 45 AII L (Linhof)
- Lens: Voigtlander Heliar 210 1:4.5 in Compound shutter
- Exposure: 1 second betwen f 4.5 and f 6.3
- Film: HARMAN FB Direct Positive Paper - 3 ASA - size 4x5"
- Developer: ILFORD PQ UNIVERSAL 1+9 - 2 minutes at 20° C
- Lightmeter: Gossen Lunasix 3 reading the incident light.
- Lightning: Ambient light only.
- Scanner: EPSON V700 and EPSON Scan 3.81
- Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Alessandro - grazie mille for letting me feature this lovely shot & set ; )

Aaron and Ric

Aaron and Ric by 2strokeBuzz

Very nice shot by Bryan Bedell taken at Slaughterhouse 19, Motoworks, Chicago - see full set here

Check out Bryan's own website -

Fooling around on a Vespa 150 Sprint



                              click foto to view large

LOvely shot from David Hardy taken on his way home from last weekend's Mersea scooter rally.

 Check out Dave Hardy's excellent Team S Equipe site for all things 'S Type' - & also his Enjoy the Ride blog here

For Innocenti fans you can now source parts for your classic Lambretta from S.I.P. Scootershop, click link here to preview SIP's classic Lambretta parts brochure

Sophie & Vespa

Sophie & Vespa by pako_che

Nice shot by Pavel Chabanets whose work has been featured on here before...


Vespa T

Vespa T by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.

Prepping dinner earlier tonight in my new birthday Vespa t-shirt, taken by my other half.

This image is one of my fave Vespa ads from Piaggio; I can't think of a better example that sums up better the joy of riding a vespa - for me anyway..

My brother-in-law got this for me from Hotfuel Clothing


10 by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.

Some digital shots I took in Canterbury, Chartham & Chilham, Kent of a 1958 GS150 VS4, aka 'Luigi', the name given to him by his proud owner (also in pics, see full set here) - taken August 2013. The above shot was taken in Canterbury looking towards the Buttermarket with Canterbury cathedral beyond.

I would have loved to have taken these on my Olympus OM2 film camera, alas it was having replacement seals fitted..

Búsqueme a esa chica

Saw this great Spanish film poster with a Motovespa 150S at a vespa friend's place..


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