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Vespa shoot by Christian Rolfes

Some very nice shots here by Christian Rolfes, part of a shoot for Scooter Center, click images to view large.

Check out the full set - here



Eclair Joli

Cool shot from Eclair Joli, click foto to view large

Super Sprint

Brochure scan via Rollerfabrik

I say Super Sprint, I think these two are probably the SS50 model, although they don't have the dummy tank fitted ..


Like this shot - reminds me a bit if these I took of my previous vespa ...

Sprint Veloce basement 1

Sprint Veloce basement 2

More 35mm film shots of my old Sprint Veloce - here

Un bosco

Nice shot - source

Un Bosco or A Forest is one of my all time fave tunes ..

New REVOLVER™ s . s 2 0 1 4

New REVOLVER™ s . s 2 0 1 4 from RopaRevolver on Vimeo.

New REVOLVER™ s . s 2 0 1 4
Photography by Juampi Bonino
Art Director: Ignacio Cattaneo



RIDE! RIDE! RIDE! in Vespa from RIDE!RIDE!RIDE! on Vimeo.

Wicked short film from Officina Super Sprint ...

Die Drei ???

Claudia Zinnen's Vespa with a "Die drei ???" theme made it to the cover of the new issue of Scootering Magazine.

Photographed by Andreas Reinhold for Scootering - the best feature in December's mag in my opinion, great looking custom with some great pics by Andreas. Pick up a copy of Scootering to see Andreas' full shoot.

More of Andreas' scooter shots here, some of which you'll recognise from previous issues of Scootering.

Vespa Pugliese

Nice candid by Giulia Pigliapoco taken in Gallipoli, Puglia, IT

mercado vespa

Nice shot by A.M.G. Fotos aka Alejandro Gomez click foto to view large 


Click image to view large - source

vintage view

Nice period shot via Francesco Ligato on FB, click foto to view large

Vespa - The Smart Way to Go Places

Not seen this poster before - source


Classic Ride

Superb film shot from Nyimas Laula, click foto to view large

Dealer sticker

I love these old, original dealer stickers like this one from vespamore contributor Federico Savogin & this Vespa 125TS hailing from Busto Arsizio in Lombardia, not far from Milan.


Barcelona - Nordkapp 1980

                                  click foto to view large

Some great shots in this album of 1980 trip from Barcelona to Nordkapp in Finland, seen via Vespa Balart's FB page

The chosen steed for the journey looks to have been a Motovespa GT160, like mine apart from the different colour. Check out those DIY, colour co-ordinated handlebar muffs & the riding suit, a bit reminiscent of something Buck Rogers might have worn ...


                            click image to view large

Nice shot & cool scoots from Parisian workshop -  Retromotion 

Indonesian Mods Weekender

                                  click foto to view large

Nice shot in amongst the rideout by Fadli Sukmayana, see full set - here

Liking that shirt too ..!



Scoot ink

vespa cool

                                 click image to view large


The Pamir Highway

Check out this great film from Three Brave Men ...

"Three Brave Men, a Vespa GS160 and a Lada Niva travelling along the old Silk Road on their way to Mongolia. Here is a movie we shot in Tajikistan. The road is the famous Pamir Highway or M41, the second highest 'highway' in the world. More movies to come! Make sure you check out our facebook page aswell: Enjoy!"

Morning after or night before ...

Could be either I guess - great shot though, love the style ...


Stop the traffic ...

                              click foto to view large

Lovely shot by Gerald de Rijke of his Vespa Sprint, really like the mood & tones in this black & white shot ...


Valencia panning

                                    click foto to view large

Nice panning group shot by Gianni Scapicchio


Lovey image of this white ET3 taken in Firenze - source


vespa style

Like this - source

Vespa suits

SIP TV Test: The new Vespa Primavera Preview 2014

ET3 Primavera by vespamore photography
ET3 Primavera, a photo by vespamore photography on Flickr.

I love Piaggio's original incarnation of their ET3 Primavera, it was also my first taste of a classic vespa; so nimble & quick in traffic & great looks too.

Anyone who regularly looks in on the vespamore site will know I'm classic vespa through & through & don't really care for the modern auto vespas. Still, it may be remiss of me to not mention the new Primavera which you can see in the S.I.P. Scootershop vid below. You can read SIP's review on the new Primavera - here. As you would expect, SIP have already begun looking into producing parts & a few go faster bits for Piaggio's new scoot - check out their site for regular news & updates -

Now getting back to 'old is gold', you can see more 35mm film shots I took of the lovely red ET3 - here


Under Cannon Street Station

Under Cannon Street Station by And Smith

Lovely shot of this Vespa Gran Lusso from Andrew Smith taken in London, really liking those tones & colours ...

See more of Andrew's photography on his website here -

Andrew, thanks for letting me feature this on here ; )

Hi-Five Scooter Rally

Hi-Five Scooter Rally by the mule in the pool

Lovely shot by Grant Johnson taken at the Hi-Five Scooter Rally

waffle on a scooter

waffle on a scooter by 0bli0

Cool image from Dave Chin, details below ...

bronica sq-ai || zenzanon 80mm f/2.8 PS || Fuji astia RAP 100f (accidental partial overlap/double exposure)

london photographer sissi takes a photo of a scooter with her Leica in front of 'Waffle On' in Melbourne. overlapped by photo of same scooter. cool...

Nella cucina

Nella cucina by vespamore photography

Alla casa 'vespamore' nella cucina/ at home in the kitchen with my vespa paraphernalia display, something to look at while doing the washing up ; ) Including stickers from vespa friends - SIP Scootershop, Retrospective Scooters, Vespa Club St Petersburg & Vespaclub Vicenza



                                 click fotos to view large

A couple of shots I took on a friend's iphone who was 'posing' for me in this fantasic Citroen SM (Sport Maserati) - great fun, spending the day around some very cool cars.

I also took some shots of this SM on 35mm expired film with my Olympus OM-2N, just need to get the film developed..


Claudia by mardruck

Cool shot from Marcelo Druck, great composition.. his own Vespa 150 Super at the paddock in Interlagos Circuit.


Another cool vid from the talented Qskulls



Destriero by migliosa
Piazza Santo Spirito, Firenze - Italia

Very nice capture from Sandro Migliorini, more vespa shots from Sandro - here


                                click foto to view large

Just love shots like these taken in workshops, looks like it may be Catania, Sicily judging by the plate..

Sourced via The Scooterist FB page


Equipe Vespa

                                click foto to view large

Another gem from ScotaPOwa Rumble ... Motoculture !!! featuring a fleet of 6-day racers..!

Il bacio

                             click image to view large

 'Old hat' this image, I know but still great to look at ...


Vespa 125 Sport 1951

Vespa 125 Sport 1951 by ©disegna

Olympus XA/Zuiko35 f2,8+Kodak Tri-X 400 / self dev R09 1+50 13min

Lovely 35mm film capture by Corrado Disegna - ©disegna

Roni Size & Reprazent - New Forms

Some great Saturday morning listening ...


                            click foto to view large

Another cool find from ScotaPOwa Rumble ... Motoculture !!!


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