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'69 E-Type

'69 E Type

'69 E Type

'69 E Type

Back under cover & out of the rain. 1969 E-Type Jaguar coupé taken on iPhone last night at G.Grace & Son Motor Engineers.

More of my classic car shots here, all taken on 35mm film.

I love nosing around old car garages and workshops like this, such great atmosphere, sights and smells etc...


1967 Vespa Super: Washing day

The Scooterist 2

Liking this film shot by Đá Nguyễn aka The Scooterist, see post here on The Scooterist blog.

Northern Soul - the film

I watched this the other night; if you haven't already seen Northern Soul, I can definitely recommend it.

I read Scootering magazine's interview with the film's creator/writer/director Elaine Constantine and didn't envy the long struggle she endured and overcame to get this film made. However, this makes the production all the more admirable and is a massive achievement I think. Apparently, many actors & extras gave their time for free to keep costs down, as well as Elaine getting help from generous friends investing their time to help out.

The lead character's whole 'going on a journey' and 'coming of age' did remind me very slightly of Jimmy's experience in Quadropehenia. Although, Phil Daniels' character begins & ends the film as a mod, if somewhat disillusioned by the end. Conversely, Elliot Langridge plays a young man introduced to Northern Soul through his local youth club and a persuasive mentor and is gradually drawn deeper by an increasing love of the music and scene. Some folk have dwelled on the drug use in this film; you do see a fair amount of amphetamines being passed around but don't most music movements/scenes seem to go hand in hand with the latest drug of choice? I guess the drugs were/are there for those wanting to seek them out, anyway I don't think it detracts from the film. The story line is quite straight forward but for me not having been old enough to be there, I thought the attention to detail in creating the scene with the music, the period clothes and general malaise affecting everyday life in mid-seventies northern England, was excellent. This a welcome departure from the usual Hollywood fodder we are often fed, I'll definitely be watching it again - soon!

Check out the trailer below ..

Northern Soul the film FB page -

Adi's vespa

Nice shot of his vespa sent in by Adi Kurniawan, taken in Klaten, Indonesia - thanks Adi!

Am always happy to display fotos of your vespas on vespamore blog, I only ask your shots are well composed like this one from Adi. You can send images to me via email here -


"All I want for Christmas ..."

"All I want for Christmas ..."

Lovely Ferrari 275GTB at HR Owen Ferrari Atelier in Knightsbridge, London I shot this afternoon on iPhone.

Getting back to what I love; here are some of my best classic car shots all taken on 35mm film, including a beautiful silver Ferrari 275GTB, see - here

"All I want for Christmas ..."

One Vespa Leads To Another

Retrospective Scooters - order your copy for Xmas

Retrospective Scooters - 1st & 2nd Edition Books - Photography by Paul Hart

Fed up getting the 'same old, same old' each year for Xmas ..? You can still order your copy of the second edition of my Retrospective Scooters book in time for 25th December, or get your requests in with your nearest and dearest...

"Over 70% of the photographs featured in the second edition are new with the book comprised of three pictorial chapters:
1 - 'Retrospective Scooters' (new & old shots taken at the North London dealer's new & former premises, some of which featured in the first edition),
2 - 'Collections' (all new shots taken of two separate Vespa collections, giving an intriguing insight into the compulsive yet fascinating world of Vespa collectors).
3 - 'Scooters' (all new feature shots of well chosen individual Vespas).
Vespas featured in the new book include, three Douglas Rod models, two GS160 MK1 (one in original paint supplied by Eddie Grimstead), three 90SS (one still in its original blue pavone paint, supplied by Arthur Francis) three SS180, two GS150 VS1, GS150 VS2, Douglas 92L2 and Motovespa GT160."

Priced at £29.50 plus postage + packing - Retrospective Scooters has been entirely photographed by yours truly (Paul Hart) on 35mm film and is available to order securely online with PayPal via link here -



Rally 200


Vespa in UK

Nicely done by Eugenijus LAbutis

Vespa Owners Garage

Vespa Owners Garage is a new blog started by Vespa Club of Romania president, Cristi Türcin (pictured). Decent photography is featured strongly and being a fan of such, am happy to give this new blog a plug, check it out via link here -

Never too old ..

                                       click foto to view large

I love candid street photography; this excellent shot by Nektarios Theodorakis being a great example ..

Vintage Vespa

Vintage Vespa

Like the simple composition in this well taken shot by istanbulnorthend in Firenze, Toscana.

Naples Alley

Naples Alley

Excellent shot taken by Antonio Viva in Napoli

See more of Antonio's photography on his website here -



                                           click foto to view large

Really nice shot of this Ape by Massimiliano Raposio taken in Dascio, Lombardia, Italia - check out those lovely tones that you only get with shooting on film ..


La belle route

Source - SPR

Vespa a Paris


Like this shot taken by Mathieu Fosse in Paris, reminds me a bit of this one
I took at St Germain de Pres back in 2008..

Brighton Mods

Brighton Mods from Dominic Hinde on Vimeo.

Nice looking short film from Dominic Hinde; the whole Mod thing doesn't really do it for me, being more into original paint, clean lined scoots myself. However, live and let live etc, there are some tasty scoots shown here even if some are a bit too blinged and polished for my own tastes...


Back on the GS

Back on the #GS.  I love old #Vespa s. They start everytime...most of the time.

Very cool shot by Designer/Director/Photographer, Pete Rock aka DigitalCzech of his GS150 - see also

Check out Pete's website here -




An iPhone shot I took in Macerata's centro storico - 6.11.14 while on a brief work visit to Italy ... something typically Italian about this.

More of my classic car shots - here

La Vespa

La Vespa
© alain-michel boley 2014 

Love this shot by Alain-Michel Boley, taken late October in Paris.

Alain-Michel's blog here -


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