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vespa alcalde santa eugenia

Superb shot from David Barranca taken in municipality of Santa Eugenia, Mallorca - great atmosphere, sense of movement and composition... love this !!

Porsche 911T

Porsche 911T

Is there seriously a better or cooler looking car than this....

Spotted during lunch hour just now, walking around South Kensington. Have shot this lovely 1968 Targa before, could happily shoot it all day with my film camera.

Full album here this shot is also featured in my cars album

vespa notte

vespa night manoeuvres

Garage shot taken of my scoot late last night, full GT160 album here

Crusty GS150

The Crusty Vespa GS150 photoshoot by:

Love this '61 GS, great character! Restored scooters are all well and good, they look lovely but I'd take this over a resto..

This shot is featured on the Flickr photostream of Green Tree Scooters but was taken by Creative Images by Allison, check out the full album by Allison here

Green Tree Scooters are Vintage Vespa Restoration Specialists based in Mason City, Iowa, USA. I've known of them for a couple of years now and they turn out some great scooters.

Vespa dans son décor

Vespa dans son décor

Vieux Nice - Été 2014
by Leica M type 240 with Leica Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5

Another lovely shot from Jack in Paris taken in Nice, see Jack's previous post from earlier in the week

Piazza del Colosseo

Piazza del Colosseo

Great shot taken by Arian Durst in the Eternal City. The two subjects together visually may be slightly cliched but very good composition and well captured to get the vespa central in the frame; I would be very happy if I'd taken this...

Arian, thanks for letting me feature this ; )



My fave shot of this set taken by Sangga Damai in Indonesia, see full shoot here

Sangga, thanks for letting me feature your photography on vespamore ; )




hangar rockin' 2013 - canon 5d mkII - 50mm f1.4

Excellent shot from Roland Brunner love the action, composition, atmos, flag waving girl.. pretty much everything about this, very cool!

Roland has a great photostream on Flickr, full of subjects I admire and inspirational photography, see here

Take a look at Roland's website -

London Bentley

London Bentley

Chanced upon this 1963 Bentley S3 during my lunch hour walkabout, looking very at home in the well heeled surrounds of South Kensington...

An album of car shots I've taken on 35mm film here

Monte Pellegrino

                                             click foto to view large

∙ Monte Pellegrino '013
∙ Fujica st605n + Fujinon 55mm
∙ Kodak Elitechrome xPro

Like this film shot taken by Leandro Leanza on Monte Pellegrino, Palermo, Sicily

Check out Leandro's vespa blog here - Vespa - Sig.PX

Isle of Wight ferry crossing

Great period shot of the Fishbourne - Isle of Wight ferry, believed to have been taken in 1955 approx, via Ashley Lenton, Veteran Vespa Club Journal editor.


                                           click photo to view large

Restored 1954 ACMA taken by VE8PA.CH Not that familiar with ACMA models; Piaggio's equivalent would have been VN1/VN2, while Douglas would have called this a 42L2 or 92L2.




Great detail shot by talented Bulgarian photographer, Dido Mihajlov, see today's other post here featuring Dido's photography ..

La Dolce Vita

A couple of lovely period Vespa shots via Francesco Ligato

Douglas Vespa '53 Rod Model

Some beautifully taken images by my Vespa friend Roman of his restored 1953 Douglas Rod Model. Roman established the VE8PA.CH blog and is happy for me to share these images with you here on vespamore but they are strictly under the copyright of VE8PA.CH - please respect that.

All of Roman's photographs are available to buy as prints and can be ordered by contacting him at VE8PA.CH the vespas shown on the site are also for sale..

These basement shots remind me of the shots I took a few years ago back in 2010 of my former 1969 original paint, first series Sprint Veloce, see here

Like me, Roman is a big fan of original paint vespas, so much so he has just ordered a copy of my Retrospective Scooters book I'm pleased to say. The second edition of Retrospective Scooters is full of beautiful, mostly original paint vespas, including one of my personal favourites, an original condition '53 Douglas Rod Model, shot specifically for the book. More than selling out of copies, I take a lot more satisfaction and pride in my book going to genuine enthusiasts like Roman. The large majority of shots from the new book have been withheld from being posted online to maintain its exclusivity.

Check out Roman's excellent blog here - VE8PA.CH

VE8PA.CH Facebook Page - here

Retrospective Scooters Book (Second Edition) available to order securely online via PayPal here -



Lovely shot taken by Dido Mihajlov in Chueca square, Madrid


                                           click photo to view large

Very nice period shot of an Eddy Grimstead SS180 Hurricane awaiting its new owner, believed to have been taken outside the Gants Hill/Eastern Avenue shop. Series 1 Lambretta in background.

Photograph via Ashley Lenton, Veteran Vespa Club Journal editor.

Vespa anfibia ...

                                           click image to view large

"I think the engine may be flooded ...!!"

Great period shot via Ashley Lenton, renowned Veteran Vespa Club Journal editor and journalist.


vespa bellezza


                                           click image to view large


Madrid - Moscú 1967

Excellent period shot via Vespa Balart see the full album of Jordi Balart's participation in the FIM 1967 Moscow vespa rally - here

Love the Motovespa GS line-up ...

Vespa H Van

Not seen this before ... Vespa dealer's Citroen H Van - source

Día 21. Libertad

                                          click foto to view large

Great shot of this Motovespa 150S taken by Mami Eva, evoking the spirit of Vespa; could well be a Vespa advert... more of Mami's vespa shots here

Mr. Vespa

Mr. Vespa

Like the composition and framing in this shot taken by Jack from Paris in Quartier Saint-Gervais, Paris, Ile-de-France. What was I just saying about vespas in Paris, see previous post ...

Jack's website -



Nice shot taken by Mathieu Moreau in Paris I'd say.. the Parisians love their classic geared vespas, I'm always amazed how many there are in the city; living up to it's billing as the 'style capital of the world' ....


vespa glamour


Very nice, evocative shot taken by Alessio Mereu in Iglesias, in the southwestern Sulcis region of Sardegna.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

Love this shot by Jonathan E. Shaw taken in Mumbai, great image with what looks like a Bajaj Cheetak on the right of the frame and another vespa heading up the overpass ..

Military Vespa

                                           click image to view large

Great image via VES8A.CH showing the military vespas in action, used by French paratroops. Interesting but can't imagine they were that useful particularly over rough terrain .. more info on the Vespa 150 TAP - here




LOve this image from =★= aka Lee Ya Tang of verstella studio - Image Creation/Storyteller/Photography

Really like the lush textures, tones and atmosphere in Lee Ya Tang's work, check out more of her imagery on the verstella studio website ...




London - 21.2.15

La vita è bella…

                                           click foto to view large

Re-blogged from VE8PA.CH I had to use Google translate to read the German text but you get the idea of the original post on keeping things original where possible; particularly as nowadays people are increasingly realising the value and importance of retaining a Vespa's provenance and history over restoration.

Servizio Esso

10898253_10205194826891486_5782753323303103314_n (1)

Like this old period shot found by Cristi Türcin

Cristi's vespa blog -

Shibuya Vespa PX200

20150116_01_Vespa PX200

Great capture by foxfoto_archives taken in Shibuya, Tokyo

Check out foxfoto's photoblog here - ASPHERICAL WORLD


1964 Vespa 50 S

Some imaginatively and well composed shots of this lovely '64 smallframe 50 S by Nummer Zwölf, see full set of fotos on Nummer's VE8PA.CH blog here

Imperfect beauty ..

vespa con parafango ammaccato e altre imperfezioni di pregevole senso estetico

Excellent shot by lo-fi photocracy taken in Viareggio, Toscana... love this!

The above photo was taken approx 4 years ago and this smallframe has since been restored, going by this recent shot here Some would say it needed restoring, not me though; things are only original once. A shame all that history has been sand-blasted away and lost under new paint. The mudguard/fender could have been 'popped out'; fair enough if things had deteriorated beyond repair but this 50 Special was beautiful just as she was in my opinion ...


Primavera in Campagna

My Italian friend Federico, took this shot of his very nice ET3 Primavera recently in the Lombardia countryside. Check out this previous post on Fede's lovely original paint Sprint Veloce ..

Old Vespa

Old Vespa

Very nice detail shot by Dragan Drop

Check out Dragan Drop's photoblog here -



Nice E-Type I spotted during yesterday's lunch hour walkabout. Seen outside Hexagon Classics as they were moving some of the showroom cars around ...

Saigon 1967

Fantastic shot seen on The Scooterist's FB page here taken in Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City. More images on The Scooterist's blog here


@siinoi Raun Raun Naik Vespa

@siinoi Raun Raun Naik Vespa #90ss #originalpaint 😚👌  📷 : #campursarivespa #VESPA

Great shot of this 90SS pair taken by CampurSarlVespa Jakarta in Jakarta, Indonesia, see also 

Traffic in Frenetic HCMC, Vietnam

T5 timewarp

Currently advertised for sale at Retrospective Scooters in North London, this immaculate, totally original Vespa T5 MK1 from the mid '80s. Amazingly, this has only done a genuine 271 miles from new..!! It's not cheap at £4995.00 and is probably one for vespa collectors I guess, anyway I'd be surprised if it hangs around for long ..

For sale page on Retrospective's website here


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