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Project13 smallframe

Custom smallie at Project13, East London

Custom smallie at Project13, East London

Custom smallie at Project13, East London

Visited Project13 in East London this morning to finish shooting a very nice custom VBB by Trevor Howe, the man behind Project13 and a man in possession of many talents; mechanic, engineer, artist, photographer to name a few...

I spent a roll of film on the VBB which will be available to view soon and took the above shots on iPhone of Trevor's latest unique, one-off creation. Looking forward to seeing this one finished.


A day in the life..


Long shadow

Vespa GT

Tunnel vision


Setting sun

On arrival at the station for my commute into London yesterday, saw the trains were screwed. I waited around on the platform with everyone else for around 20 minutes and then cycled home, opting to take the vespa into town instead.

A good choice, given the lovely June day we had; much as I love riding on the continent, there's a lot to be said for scooter riding in the UK on a warm summer's day...

"Romeo, Romeo..."


Like this taken by howe2live in Verona, Italy

Vespa selfie

Vespa selfie

What a great shot by Marta Carro, I'm guessing taken on board her other half's Vespa PX - sums up the freedom of riding a vespa very nicely...

Marta - mille grazie ; )

Love vespa

Love vespa

Great shot of this Super taken by Lộc Thành in Vietnam


Ferrari Daytona Spider

Daytona Spider

Daytona Spider

Daytona Spider

Very nice spot seen close to work in Knightsbridge today..

My cars album here

Sunny day on Portland

Portland TS

LOvely shot taken by Matt Brown, who I met at last year's May Veteran Vespa Club rally in Swanage.

This image was taken last Friday on top of Portland with Chesil beach stretching out to the west and the western edge of Portland harbour making for a fantastic background.

As for Matt's very nice TS125, this was supplied by Retrospective Scooters in North London and has benefited from recent upgrades including a DR177 barrel kit, varitonic 12V lighting kit, front damper and SIP Road exhaust, all carried out by Retrospective - a great package I'd say, making for a very usable scoot able to keep up with today's faster traffic with great looks of course!

Cheers for the great shot Matt ; )

Arancia e Nera

arancia e nera

arancia e nera

Riding home from London the other week not far from Highgate, I spotted these old wooden, black painted garage doors. A nice backdrop for the scoot I thought and goes with the blog colours ; )



Evening sun and a Vespa

                                             click foto to view large

Beautiful film shot by Mika Kuusela taken in Berlin, you just can't replicate these lovely tones and textures on anything other than film...

Le Petit bal Perdu

Mellow scooter Life, Italy

Mellow scooter Life, Italy

I love candid shots featuring old vespas, like this great example taken by Michelle Samson in Italy.

Michelle, grazie mille for letting me feature your foto on vespamore ; )



Dave Hardy, the graphic designer who helped me with my Retrospective Scooters and Retrospective Cycles books and fan of all things on 2-wheels, has recently revamped and re-launched his ETR (Enjoy The Ride) website and blog. I'm grateful to Dave and feel privileged to be featured on the excellent ETR site...

"Enjoy The Ride is a webzine focused on the visual culture of contemporary art, design, photography and the world of wheels. The site aims to act as a point of inspiration and reference, featuring work from established and emerging photographers, illustrators and artists. It seeks to champion the creatives who produce beautiful, inspirational imagery.

Check out the all new Enjoy The Ride site! The site aims to act as a point of inspiration and reference, featuring work from established and emerging photographers, illustrators and artists. It seeks to champion the creatives who produce beautiful, inspirational imagery. Bill Phelps, David Marvier, Tim Scott, Bohie Palecek Signwriting, Lorenzo Eroticolor, Ornamental Conifer, Paul Hart, Laurent Nivalle, Maxwell Paternoster, Steven Burke. Hope you like it and keep an eye out for updates..."


Gelateria Vespa

'Gelateria Vespa'

Me and the vespa serving up gelati at a street party last weekend ; )


A snapshot of what was occurring in 1969 when this amazingly preserved Vespa GT125 rolled off Piaggio's Pontedera production line...

This beautiful, virtually unblemished original paint example has only covered 16,542km during the intervening 46 years and belongs to the vespista/collector/photographer behind the excellent VE8PA.CH website/blog - it is also currently for sale...

See the full set of fotos of this lovely GT125 here on VE8PA.CH where you can get in touch re buying this amazing vespa if so inclined...


VE8PA.CH Facebook page - here



Nicely taken shot of this early P-Range in Mainz, Germany by timkognito


scoot commute

scoot commute

Motovespa at a guess, entering Gower Street from Euston Road - 2.6.15

See similar 'scooter commuter' shot I took a couple of months ago here


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