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- 35mm film photography by Paul Hart, gallery - here As well as featuring my own work, this blog also features work by other photographers and anything else creative that has caught my attention or inspired me.

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Milano | Italy

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Love these vespa city shots, this being a great example taken by Frank Tauran in Milan, Lombardia.

Check out more of Frank's photography on his website here -



Great set of photos and great looking vespa from gettin LOW Indonesia has that German engineered street racer feel to it which I'm a fan of ...



Check out the excellent, full album of images here and thanks very much to gettin LOW Indonesia for allowing me to feature this lovely scoot..



Great London Rideout !

Broadway Market, London E8

Broadway Market, E8

Spent the best part of the day in London Town today on VVC Journal duty; attempting to update and freshen up the Club Shop page..

Friends and fellow Veteran Vespa Club members, Warren & Hayley Jopson, had gamely agreed to model some club merchandise for me while I took some photos. We agreed to meet up in Broadway Market and after a catch up over a cup of tea got down to business.

After spending an hour or so getting some hopefully decent shots and working up an appetite, we left Hackney for Soho in search of lunch. Warren had come from home in Essex on his 1951 aluminium panelled, restored American Allstate, with Hayley accompanying him on her original paint Mk2 GS160. I was on my 'old faithful' Motovespa - the combined duck egg blue, white and orange made for a lovely combo..!


Leaving Broadway Market - photo: Warren


Photo: Warren

London Wall

London Wall



As always, was great fun riding through the city centre on classic vespas - the best way to get around London and nicer still in the warm October sun. On Warren & Hayley's recommendation we came to a stop in Dean Street at Prix Fixe a great litte French style bistrot serving good food at very reasonable prices, £10.90 for two courses, not bad at all for Soho..

Prix Fixe - Dean Street, Soho, London

Prix Fixe - Dean Street, Soho, London

Warren was keen to get home before dark, as it was by now 4pm and the lights on his Allstate were not exactly illuminating. We said our farewells and needing a coffee to finish off lunch, I called by Kaffeine in Great Titchfield Street..

Kaffeine - Great Titchfield Street, London

...before leaving behind 'the big smoke' for Hertfordshire's green and pleasant lanes basking in the still warm lowering sun..

Cheers to Warren & Hayley for a great day and watch this space for the upcoming VVC Journal...




Really liking this shot taken by Rikard Knutsson in Amalfi... very well captured !

Thanks for sharing Rikard ; )

ScooterNova magazine - Lambretta LD AVV Vs Durkopp Diana

I just spotted this vid on ScooterNova magazine's FB page.. by coincidence I was reading this article in the current issue 3 of ScooterNova just this morning, with a cup of tea and a brief lie-in at 'Vespamore Towers' before leaving for work..

Probably like most, I rarely have time these days to sit and read a mag cover to cover. However, ScooterNova is an interesting, well informed read with some excellent accompanying photography, making it a pleasure to return to when I do get the time.

The above article makes for great reading; I didn't have time this morning to study the photos which show the differences in detail between these two models but I shall be returning to them very soon, as well as part 2 of the UK to Moscow and back, marathon Lambretta trip I've yet to read and the history of Lambretta Concessionaires..

Pick up your copy of ScooterNova magazine issue 3 here, as well as back issues 1 & 2.

Original GT160




I've been paying Retrospective Scooters a few visits of late due to ongoing starting issues with my Motovespa GT160, despite a recent mechanical overhaul. Anyhow, all is now as it should be since having a new CDI coil and stator plate fitted.

While there and being invited to eat lunch with the friendly Retrospective folk, I saw the above, rather lovely original paint Motovespa GT160 in for a service, brought in by a customer who recently acquired it. 

Hailing from Barcelona and very similar to my own 1971 GT160, this is an earlier late '60s model before they added the stripes. However, unlike mine which has a P200 motor fitted, this bike still has the original GT160 motor as when it left the Madrid factory, complete with Femsa ignition system. I had a quick go on this up and down the road and was pleasantly surprised by the lively torquey feel of the piston ported engine; interesting for me as I'd always wondered what they were like - most imported Spanish bikes to the UK have had their engines swapped with P-Range/PX units..



Looks like this vespa has had some recent attention back home in its native Spain before landing in the UK, judging by the below workshop sticker..




The new owner was of the mind apparently to 'restore' this.. thankfully Retrospective managed to talk him around into keeping it original and he has now seen sense. Each to their own but to strip and re-paint this would have been criminal..!


Vespa 200E - 1:1 scale model kit

Vespa P200E

Vespa P200E

Vespa P200E


Growing up in the '70s & '80s I was never that taken with computers, such as Atari, ZX Spectrum etc that were around at the time; the most techy toy I had was my Nintendo 'Game & Watch' Lion game and Big Trak before that - Xmas 1980 I believe it was.. 

What usually did it for me was AIRFIX scale model kits; starting out with dinosaurs and then going onto more complicated and fiddly kits like tanks but mainly planes - Spitfire, Lancaster, Focke Wulf 190, Red Arrows' Gnat & Hawk jets etc before reaching my zenith and ultimately my undoing, a massive 1:24 scale Mk1 Harrier Jump Jet which got the better of me and signalled the end of my model-making days!

Anyhow, the above photos were taken by pilot_micha at the Hochgurgl - mountain motorcycle museum in Tyrol, Austria, where they have taken a full scale P-Range Vespa and made it into an exhibit in the style of a 1:1 scale model - a great idea and the kind of model that could get me started again..!


Vespa Novanta

I called into Retrospective Scooters the other day, as I often do from time to time. There's usually always something there of interest that wasn't there on my previous visit.. 

This time it was the above Vespa 90 that had been brought in by a customer to be restored. The remarkably straight frame had been blown over at some point in a similar pale blue to the original colour. Not sure if the customer will go for the same shade or something different but will no doubt get the full restoration and make over experience that Retrospective Scooters and The London Scooter Bodyshop specialise in.

Talking of Vespa 90s I took the below 35mm film photograph at Retrospective back in 2010, when they were based at Park Ridings in Hornsey. This is probably my personal favourite of all the shots I've taken at Retrospective through the years since 2006.

This photo also graced the cover of the first edition of my Retrospective Scooters book (now sold out). This particular scooter was well worn but still wore it's original factory paint. It was first registered in Ireland and Retrospective had acquired it for an Italian customer and was making its way to Italy, via a stopover in London. The Vespa 90 was never sold in Italy and produced only for the UK market I believe (and possibly other European countries outside of Italy) and therefore of interest to this particular Italian collector..



Ragusa | Sicily

Ragusa | Sicily

LOve this shot taken by Luca Lagò

I really like these Italian street scenes with the old guys putting the world to rights, reminds me of one I took in San Vito dei Normanni, Puglia while on holiday a few years ago - here

Mille grazie for sharing Luca ; )


Simply laid out..

click fotos to view large

Was chatting to the guys at Retrospective Scooters on a recent visit, while having a nose around at the same time and we came upon a room with prepped and painted complete scooters, waiting to be re-assembled.

Every now and then Retrospective are asked by customers why it costs more to re-paint a Lambretta than it is a Vespa... simply laid out and in terms even I can understand, the above photos illustrate why that is. As you can see a Lambretta has quite a few more body parts than its Italian cousin, which are smaller and a bit more fiddly too such as the frame tube and floor struts, in comparison to the Vespa's larger and fewer surface areas. This in turn equates to more hours spent straightening, blasting, prepping and painting etc. Interesting to see when you view it like this...


Naranja - Arancia - Orange

Naranja - Arancia - Orange

My '71 Motovespa GT160 photographed tonight on ride home from wotk...

Museo Piaggio - Entrata

Museo Piaggio-Entrata

Museo Piaggio
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super
Expired Film

Like this film shot taken by OldLens24 at the entrance to Piaggio's Pontedera museum in Tuscany - some other nice film shots in the album here including some of the Vespa 98..


Purple Vespa

Purple Vespa

Atmospheric panning shot taken in the Eternal City by Diego Rojas -  gracias for sharing Diego ; )



Not yet seen this but going by Motorliebe's website & FB page their latest Vespa Tour book offering looks like a real treat and is definitely going on my Xmas wish list...! 

This is the third book by the scooter touring, mad for adventure, German 'Vespanauts' - I seriously wish I had their job. The UK book follows on from their Vespa tours of the United States and Iceland...

"On the Vespa through England, Scotland and the Isle of Man describes the third Vespa trip of the Motorliebe-Collective. 

In 2014 after the guys explored the United States with their Vespa PX 200s for eight weeks, travelling 9,500 kilometers from Los Angeles to New York City, they made a round trip of Iceland in 2015.

Now comes the third tour, presented with sumptuous photos and accompanying texts, beginning in the north of Scotland and ending at England's southernmost tip, via the Isle of Man.

Encompassing 192 pages with 150 pictures, the book shows off the beauty of Brexit-Country, with curious encounters along the way and illustrates how varied the UK is. A classic coffee-table which needs to be opened and read."

Priced at 23,27 € you can order your copy of 'Auf der Vespa durch England' in the Motorliebe online shop here and while there, check out their other two book titles here

Scooter Life

Scooter Life

Scooter Life
Martin Luscombe aboard his fabulous custom built scooter.

Photograph: Brian Slade © 

Loving this shot by Brian Slade - looks straight from the pages of a magazine... thanks for sharing Brian ; )

Ricordi di una Vespa color panna (CORTOMETRAGGIO 2017)

NUTS Brighton Mod Weekender 2017

Some excellent photography here.. all shots taken at this year's New Untouchables Brighton Mod weekender by classic Lambretta fan, Mike Jakes..

The scooter shots are great but I love these atmospheric shots too; I think the upper image with the vinyl is my favourite from the whole album..

Seeing Mike's great camera work makes me think I really should visit Brighton next year for the NUTS event with my film camera; something I've not done to date.. the closest I got being when I went on the LCGB's South Downs run back in 2011 here

Check out the full set of photos Mike took over the August Bank Holiday weekend here

Mike - thanks very much for sharing and letting me do this feature ; )


Under the bridge

Under the bridge

Riding home tonight passing under this bridge below the A41, the light on the textured concrete wall looked like a decent photo opportunity...

I photographed a very nice Moto Morini 350cc under this bridge on film a few years ago - album here


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