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- 35mm film photography by Paul Hart, gallery - here As well as featuring my own work, this blog also features work by other photographers and anything else creative that has caught my attention or inspired me.

book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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Scooterboys - Report in German Mag "STERN" 1989

Interesting reading.. check out this period article on the SIP Scootershop blog - here

old vespa, La barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain

old vespa, La barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain

Canon EOS 6D
EF50mm f/1.8 II
50.0 mm
iso 1250

Beautiful shot taken by Gaby of Rage Studios

Rage Studios YouTube channel here

Vespa Spagnola

Vespa in Spain

Nice shot taken by Daniil Anohil in Alicante. In the UK this model was the MK1 T5, not sure if was the same in Spain..

Thanks for sharing Daniil ; )


ScooterNova magazine - issue 3

Issue 3 of ScooterNova magazine will be published on 23rd August, read all about what you can expect in the next installment of this great new scooter mag here



Nice portrait taken by Hoang John, not entirely sure where, Vietnam I would say..

Thanks for sharing John ; )


Original paint Rally 200


Shot this lovely, original condition Vespa Rally 200 at Retrospective Scooters in June earlier this year, which was there for some routine maintenance..


...what struck me was the condition of this bike, registered from new in the UK from 1975, so now forty two years old. Given the weather over here and the salty winter roads, this has done remarkably well to survive in such good condition; most original UK vespas from this era are either rotten or restored, or decent original paint examples are imports, like my own Spanish Motovespa GT160 ...


A lovely subject indeed and all the better for photographing on 35mm film with my Olympus ON-2N, check out the full album of shots I took - here


If you'd like some quality film photos taken of your ride, get in touch..


Andiamo !

Andiamo !

I do like a nice Ape shot; this being a great example taken by Stefaan Van Laethem in Osimo, Marche, Italy - love this excellent candid capture..

Thanks for sharing Stefaan ; )


Wessex Scooters' Douglas Vespa 92L2 Bollag Motos Demonstrator - SLUK Feature


Following on from previous post, here are the photos I took for ScooterLab.UK feature on Wessex Scooters' Bollag Motos kitted Douglas 92L2 demonstrator - read the SLUK article in full here


View the full album of 35mm film photos I took here Thanks again to Roger Green & Neil Humphrey of Wessex Scooters and Iggy Grainger at SLUK


Vespa Criterium Ronde van Vlaanderen - short film by De Rijke AV

Commissioned by Vespa Club Antwerp, filmmaker Gerald De Rijke shot this lovely short film of old wideframe vespas..

"With Scooters of about 60 years old from all over Europe, it was not difficult to make a cool video of this, commissioned by Vespa Club Antwerp - an impression of the vespa criterion tour of Flanders." - Gerald De Rijke

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes the Sun

Nice end to my ride home from work last night...

George Harrison wrote this song with his acoustic guitar at the end of Eric Clapton's garden in Ewhurst, Surrey.. read on here


Vespassione - Summerride 2017



Beautiful film shot, well taken by PhU'O'ng Huy in Vietnam

Saving and shooting my best photography on film means I can't regularly add as much imagery as I would like to, so am always grateful to folk like PhU'O'ng who allow me to feature their photography too - inspiring us all in the process and allowing us to view other great photography and in many cases from far flung places across the other side of the world..

Check out PhU'O'ng's instagram here -

Go Vespa... at Wessex Scooters

Go Vespa !

Photo: Roger Green

Me photographed on a recent visit to Wessex Scooters trying out their Douglas 92L2 demo bike kitted with Bollag Motos wideframe 151cc barrel kit, Pinasco 12V ignition conversion and SIP rear shock among other improvements..

It would have been rude not to take along my camera and I got off a couple of rolls of 35mm film of this sweet ride! More to come on that in near future...

Wessex Scooters are ahead of the curve in the UK for improving upon and getting the best & most out of your 1940/1950s vespa; they are also the first official UK distributor of Bollag Motos excellent range of wideframe tuning parts, more on Wessex Scooters below...

"Wessex Scooters is the idea of two friends, Neil Humphrey and Roger Green.

Between them they have many years of classic scooter experience, riding, restoring and servicing. Scooters are their passion and obsession.

The idea was create a scooter shop you can trust which offers real honest, friendly scooter advice and service with an eye for detail and an in depth knowledge of 2-stroke Lambrettas and Vespas as well as some of the more obscure scooter marques from the golden age of scootering.

The shop offers many hard to source parts for Wideframe Vespas (1946-1959) including British Douglas models and tuning parts to bring your old scooter into the 21st century with increased speed and reliabilty.

The shop also stocks many good original parts, NOS parts and memorabilia."

Go Vespa !

Photo: Roger Green

I'll be adding more on this in near future but in the meantime check out Wessex Scooters's website for more info and details.. thanks to Roger Green and Neil Humphrey for letting me have a nose around and a go on their lovely uprated Douglas Vespa ; )


Vespa Special - Ci sono cose che non passano mai di moda

click photo to view large

"Ci sono cose che non passano mai di moda - There are some things that never go out of fashion". Indeed so.. nice shot taken by Andrea Toxiri in Marina, Tuscany. 

Here in the UK summer seems to have turned into Autumn during the last week or so; hopefully only a momentary lapse in what's been a great summer so far. Andrea's photo reminds me of holidaying in the Mediterranean and Greece, hiring a scooter with an ill-fitting helmet (if you're lucky), dressed inappropriately in shorts and t-shirt and taking off around twisty roads down to beaches and marinas..

Just like a tune can instantly take you back to a moment or period in your life, Andrea's photo has the same effect...

Mille grazie for sharing Andrea ; )


Amerivespa Seattle 2017

AmerivespaSeattle2017 72

Amerivespa 2017 was held in Seattle over the weekend of 6-9th July put on by Vespa Club of Seattle and additionally celebrated the 25th anniversary of VCOA (Vespa Club of America)...

SIP Scootershop were there with a small stand after accepting VCOA's invitation to attend this year's event..

AmerivespaSeattle2017 157

AmerivespaSeattle2017 115

AmerivespaSeattle2017 16

AmerivespaSeattle2017 19

AmerivespaSeattle2017 69

Moritz Kohrs and Sebastian Bauch were despatched by SIP to cover the goings on... not a bad gig!

AmerivespaSeattle2017 13

Moritz enjoying some US hospitality

Check out SIP Scootershop's blog report here and see their full album of photos taken at Amerivespa 2017 here 

SIP Scootershop Amerivespa 2017 vid ...

Next year's Amerivespa will be hosted by 7 Hills Scooter Club in Richmond, VA - June 2018..




Nicely taken shot of this ET3 Primavera by Thorsten in Wiesbaden, Germany - vielen dank for sharing Thorsten ; )

Vespa in Trieste

Vespa in Trieste

Great summer shot taken by Bence Lauscher while holidaying in Italy and Croatia, of this couple on an LML Star - thanks for sharing Bence ; )

Alfa Giulia Nuova Super

Alfa Giulia Nuova Super

Vespa Special 50
Juillet 2017
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super
Expired Film

LOvely film shot taken by OldLens24 you can't beat film as I always say..

A Giulia Super I shot on x-processed film a few years ago in London here


SCOOTERLAB Vespa Douglas 152L2 – broken and burnt #4

I meant to post this before now; the fourth and final part of Iggy Grainger's Douglas Vespa 152L2 resto project and his attempts to ride it to Celle in Germany for World Vespa Days - ScooterLab UK feature here If you didn't read the preceding chapters before now, see links below..

Part one here / Part two here / Part three here




Nice portrait of Amia on a vespa taken by Nicolas Fiolle has a slight 1950s vespa pin-up feel to this..

Merci for sharing Nicolas ; )

Bertem & Meerbeek vespa tour

click photo to view large

Love this shot taken by Manu Delcon while riding around Bertem and Meerbeek in Belgium - great looking Sprint Veloce sprinter and very nicely composed with the background and moody, atmospheric sky - bedank for sharing Manu ; )

Vespa PX 125 Lusso Urban Style

Vespa PX 125 Lusso Urban Style

Nice shot and background by Timo B of this restored PX125 painted in Audi Glacial White with black powder coated parts, a couple of other shots here and here

Vielen dank for sharing Timo ; )


Piaggio: From the Heavens to the Earth

Great looking new book by Paolo Zanon charting the Vespa's history; written with Paolo having had full access to the Piaggio archives.

Expensive at £65 but I don't think there's another offering out there that's as definitive as this latest tome, not to mention the historical black & white archive photos..

Read ScooterLab UK's book review in full here the book is also available to order via SLUK here


1971 Carrera

1971 Carrera

Working as I do at a modern furniture store, selling expensive Italian, Scandinavian and German furniture, you get to see some flash motors from time to time. Being a classics fan, the modern Astons, Ferraris and Porsches etc I see don't do a lot for me but very occasionally something a bit more tasty turns up, like this beautiful '71 Porsche 911 Carrera with 'ducktail' rear spoiler and Fuchs alloys. The '70s yellow colour scheme suited this car perfectly and definitely pushed a few of my buttons!

I got a few 35mm film shots of this while the suitably glamorous looking young couple who turned up in it perused the furniture...

1971 Carrera

1971 Carrera

1971 Carrera

See more of my classic car 35mm film shots in my cars album here and film shots I took at Porsche's Zuffenhausen museum in May this year here


1958 Lambretta Li125 Framebreather


One of the shots I took recently of a friend's very nice original paint Framebreather; apparently a later example due to lack of slots on front of panels. Currently awaiting an engine rebuild; hope to get some more film shots of this lovely scooter once back together and on the road - loving that Firenze (Florence) sticker too..

See full album here


See more of my Lambretta 35mm film shots in album - here


SIP-Joyride-2017 - 120

You've got to hand it to SIP Scootershop, they certainly know how to put on a great event.. 

"Just before the summer holidays start everywhere, last weekend we held our traditional Joyride event; now in its 15th year! The date had been marked thickly on the calendar for a while; the weather report announced not too high temperatures but a majestic Bavarian white-blue sky greeted us on the day, despite the pouring rain we had the night before and into the early morning hours. This may have caused a few riders to stay at home, but nevertheless some 130 Vespa and Lambretta riders gathered at the SIP Headquarters and rode with us the approx. 80 km long tour from the river Lech around the Ammersee lake. The new route led through picturesque villages like Stadl and Rott and through the moors of the Erlwiesfilz to the Ammersee, and from there to the first stop at the beautiful Froschgartl beer garden. In the stunning Ammersee scenery, people could fill their stomachs at the BBQ and have some drinks until the group went up to the holy mountain, to the monastery Andechs where every rider received the blessing for an accident-free ride home from Father Valentin.

Between Pilsensee and Wörthsee we went through Inning and on to Greifenberg to Armin's vintage gas station, where Siperia host Salvatore took off his helmet and took up his Pizza peel, serving up wood fired pizza from the Pizza Ape. Beer, Spritz, pizza and good conversation in the warm afternoon sun - a perfect ending to another Joyride, until next year!"

SIP-Joyride-2017 - 152

Check out SIP's full album of fotos from their 2017 Joyride around Lake Ammersee - here

Faro Basso on 35mm film

'51 Vespa Faro Basso

Got my latest film developed yesterday which included these shots I took of friend Warren's lovely 1951 Italian import Faro Basso - see previous post

'51 Vespa Faro Basso

'51 Vespa Faro Basso

'51 Vespa Faro Basso

Warren is also the lucky owner of this Racer based on a Sei Giorni 6-Day Racer - the photos and feature I did on this are in the current issue (Issue 2) of ScooterNova magazine


Lazy sunny afternoon with a '51 Faro Basso

'51 Faro Basso

Spent the day with a couple of esteemed VVC (Veteran Vespa Club) friends - early start leaving West Herts and arriving in Brentwood around 10am on my 'old faithful' orange Motovespa.

First up was some urgent reconstruction surgery to my exhaust, carried out by Warren. It had been noticeably louder the last week and was breaking up after 4 years of heavy use. A new, replacement SIP Road 2.0 pipe I think is needed..


Untitled />

While Warren got to work I got reacquainted with his beautiful, original paint 1951 Faro Basso..

'51 Faro Basso

'51 Faro Basso

'51 Faro Basso

Appropriate clothing choice - SIP Scootershop wideframe t-shirt

After some fotos and a catch up over a few cups of coffee, we headed out for an afternoon's riding through some lovely Essex countryside and villages...



Hatfield Heath

... Warren being the obliging sort of chap he is, also let me have a quick spin on his low light..

'51 Faro Basso

'51 Faro Basso


'51 Faro Basso

.. before a last stop for coffee...


Matching Green

After bidding Warren & Roger adios, I rode back in the warm, late afternoon sun along leafy lanes and B-roads, arriving home in Hertfordshire around seven.

A great day's riding on old vespas and catching up with some classic vespa loving friends. I used last six frames of my current film on the Faro Basso, check back to see these in near future..

If classic, geared vespas are your thing, the Veteran Vespa Club is not a bad place to be...


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