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Some shots I was commissioned to take back in April 2013 of a vespista's collection (Douglas 152L2, Augsburg GS3, SS180 and PX) - shot on 35mm film with my Olympus OM-2N

If you want some nicely composed, decent film shots taken of your scooter(s); let me know by email and we can talk requirements and prices etc.






Great spot cycling home from the train station after work tonight - a Jensen Interceptor...!! Rare to see one of these 'in the wild', first I've seen in fact and I've been actively looking out for classics to photograph for over ten years now. 

A shame the sun had gone down and not the best surroundings for shooting this, so opted for the iPhone. Would have liked to get a film shot, even though this MK III Interceptor had seen better days with some trim and the bonnet badge missing and what looked like plastic bubble wrap covering the end of the off side rear bumper - still a very welcome find though. The Interceptor is right up there with my fave British classic sports cars, love the design and shape and don't reckon there's been a cooler name for a car !

Was watching late night trash TV the other night and switched on to The Fast & Furious 6... the best thing about it (for me anyway), was the matt grey Interceptor being thrashed around Central London by Michelle Rodriguez - nice to see this great looking car getting a nod in the film series.

For an excellent Interceptor shot, check this out from Joachim Rayos


Vespa lifestyle

Selling modern furniture as I do for a living (my film photography being a side passion/pursuit), I'm lucky in that we have a classic vespa in the showroom.

This Italian tricolore liveried 150 Sprint is not my taste but it's still nice seeing it on the shop floor. My boss fell for it when he was visiting Goodwood Revival a few years back and bought it off a classic scooter dealer who had a stall there. I can see why he went for it; considering the large majority of modern furniture we supply comes from Italy, including the red 'Serie Up' chair in the foreground, produced by B&B Italia and originally designed in 1969 by Italian designer, Gaetano Pesce.

The Vespa Sprint has sat dormant for a few years now and is leaking oil on the shop floor but won't take much to get it going again. Maybe I should talk the boss into letting me have it as a 'bonus', so I can get it repainted in it's original and far more tasteful silver colour...



Love this film shot taken by Alberto Cassani in Jaipur, India

Check out Alberto's travel blog here -

Mille grazie for sharing Alberto ; )


click foto to view large

Nice shot taken by Sinister Dexter in London, a Spanish Motovespa 150S I believe..  similar to this one I shot in town before.

Thanks for sharing SD ; )


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